Saturday, September 3, 2011


I love the Victorian style as well as the Rustic & bright colors Folk Art Style! This litttle collection of  "Star Pillows" started with a leftover piece of Ecru Tapestry. I drew a star shape on paper then enlarged it 4 times (for the 4 different size stars) To enlarge it I just drew the lines further out from the original then made my patterns on cardboard before I cut out the material stars.Don't forget to allow for seam. Then stitch around sides leaving opening to stuff thru. And then the fun part!  Embellish!  Buttons, Lace, Ribbons, Old fabric flowers, Cord. Remember "More is Best" in Victorian Style! 
.   TIP: I recycle cereal boxes by cutting top & bottoms off & one cut up the side. Open it out to a good size piece of light weight cardboard! To add the finishing touch for a gift I attach a handmade gift tag. Will do a post on that later. Have Fun!

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