Saturday, May 27, 2017


This painting entitled "The Blue Chairs" is the way our side yard (the park) used to look like! But  alas, they eventually rotted out and gave over to black wrought iron glider and chairs!
Meet "Miss Kitty and Mr Arf Arf"!

Ir was fun making a pattern and creating my first fabric painted stuffed animal doll!

I see more in my future!

Husband Maurice watering down my Mother's Day Red Cherokee Dogwood. right before he caught "The Bug"!

Really a neat experience to attend sister Judys son's wedding on Biker Sunday!

The newlyweds by their decorated bike!

Been making  "Summer Garlands" for  myself and gifts

One of mine over the kitchen sink shelf!

Another Garden Totem I have entitled  "Mommie Dearest"! Do you see all the little chickens in the pots here and there?

Have my "Monet Garden" painting actually entitled "Birds Bed and Breakfast" up in the Dining Room for Summer. This was painted that year right out in my garden!  It never has been as pretty since! Glad I have the painting to remember it by!
"Serendipity" my favorite word! Have this displayed on my Summer Kitchen Shelf now.

I'm enjoying my back porch banners and lights and it seems to be keeping the bees off too!

The newest little painting for my Sorority Secret Sister Gift which accompanied a Cato's Gift Card.

My first Garden Totem made out of overturned flower pots! So Fun!

The Summer Kitchen  Shelf Display is sporting a Potholder Banner and Pot of Fabric Flowers this year. Hope your Summer or Fall is going Well! God Bless You All1