Monday, October 29, 2012


First Birthday for Great Nephew Ryder is on Halloween, His Daddy's Birthday is July 4th  and his Momma's is New Years Eve. Think they can keep this trend going?
 I made a Growth Chart for his gift and called it "See Ryder Grow" Lacey, his Momma remembers fondly Uncle Maurice measuring her and all the other kids yearly first on the door facings then when we ran out of room on a special board like this.
 Great Niece  Jocelyn and friend in their finery at the party.
Then  Grandma & Grandpa (us) had their Annually Costume Party with 15  present. This is Esther in her Woopie Cushion
 Janice in her festive dress
 Hope ready for the Bull Fight!
Sandy & Donnie straight from the farm!
Us; Marlynne & Maurice as the Cass County Cooperate Bathroom Cleaners
John & Sue as The Pilgrim and her husband
 Oops John got in with Mary from the West too!

Carol declined to dress up this year. But glad she came anyway!
Lynn and Dana are The Old Couple That show up every now and then!

 Hope you have some Halloween Fun this year too!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


"October is the dramatic month" says Gladys Tabor, beloved author of the Stillmeadow Books. "The color of the great sugar maples is so dazzling it seems I must have dreamed it. The maples give forth light like the closer suns, The oaks glow with a garnet fire, and all the thickets blaze with scarlets and pale gold and cinnamon. It's like the music of a trumpet"!    I tried to capture this look inside on the church pulpit table for fall.      

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My good friend Rose Marie and I work on making quilts for the Baptist Children's Home each week. Lately I have been  making blocks of strips of material and turning every other one. This was one of our favorites  chartreuse, pink, turquoise and black.    

We tie our quilts with 2 strands of yarn.

This one is waiting to be tied with the gold yarn
We just finished this quilt up this morning ready to sew around the border and tie. This quilt is special  because it includes   6 Log Cabin Blocks that came to use in a  box of fabric supplies from Kathleen one of our faithful longtime members that passed away from cancer this year. I selected other fabrics that complemented the blocks and now it's soon on it's way to the Children's Home.
Purple, yellow and black a very pretty combination! All girls young and old like purple!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Dining Table Center Piece. Notice those Eye Balls! One of my fun -lovin friends gave them to me last week for our party. The're filled with salt & pepper and ready for the laughs!

Burlap Pumpkin made for me by my Secret Sister in Beta Sigma Phi one year for  the holidays

The Kitchen  Display Shelf has log cabin birdhouses covered with falling leaves and orange lights. The  "Happy Fall"  sign is one of many seasonal signs I have made for displays.

Kind of blurry, but it shows the great room chandelier with fall leaves

This kichen counter pumkin is on all day, but at night it is quite interesting!


I have Halloween Party Colleges displayed on  the refrig and pantry shelves. We've had Halloween Dinner Parties for over 35 years so I' am running out of room to display them! But it is fun to look back thru the years. Sad too as several of the mates have died since we started our parties.

A cute little set of carved pumkins I enjoy on my kitchen windw shelf over the sink.

The Kitchen Chandelier over the table changes with the seasons too!

The "Black Baby" shelf is ready for Halloween too!

Four of our Six Grandkids plus our precious Great Grandson "Eli" posing with the spider pumkin we saw at Hy-vee's.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Judging took place yesterday for the Harrisonville Fine Arts Assoc Fall Art Show. How thrilled I was to win 3rd place in the 3-Dim Category on my story art quilt I entitled "HOME"

My painting of our 2 dogs and cat entitled "BEST FRIENDS" won a 2nd  in the Acrylic Category. Yeah!

"GUM BALL MACHINES" won a Judge Merit in the Acrylic Category. The judge kept walking back and looking at it again and again . Would have liked to know what she was thinking!  It was a great day for me, doesn't happen often!

Monday, October 1, 2012


"BEST OF FRIENDS"  is the title of this acrylic painting.  Chopin our blond Lab,  Tasha our Corgi/Terrier  mix and Hamlet our grey striped calico cat make up the threesome. I haven't seen them all together in a chair yet, but it is something they would do if they had the opportunity!

I was attracted to the colorful collection of gum ball machines at the Oak Park Mall in  Overland Park, Kansas and took a picture for a future Folk Art Painting and here it is!

I love working with different patterned fabrics, especially the old fashioned ones. I started designing these little houses, each one different, not really knowing what I would do with them. And then I thought of this theme for my 2nd Art Story Art Quilt "HOME" So I used them for the border. I drew our Child Rearing Home and family members; Maurice & I and our three boys; Paul, Phil & John with pets Panda and Sniggers on paper as a pattern for the fabric pieces then appliqued them on to the background. I sewed with yarn  a modified version of the quote from Oliver Wendall Holmes : HOME where our feet may leave but not our hearts. I wrote a short story of our home and happenings on cloth and sewed it to the back. I will hang this quilt on the door opposite my studio door where my first art story quilt is hanging. After I make a few more story quilts I will offer to present a program now and then to share them.