Monday, September 24, 2012


My favorite stop along the way! Here young artists live and create in a secluded woodland area  just outside of the main part of town.  Oh to be young and single again! The address is 185 N. Main St. Eureka Springs, Ark. 72632

Daniel Coy is  Wash Board Musician and Artist. He is decorating his loft with old found objects that tell a story. The door off of his truck which went thru  a roll over, an old  weathered shoe found in a dump, probably belong to a very early resident. I bought a yellow Folk Art Cross from Daniel. I am leaving it in the car to remind me to send up prayers for these young people.

 This is Lara Stielow a photographer and her doggie companion.  I would have bought a note card with a picture of her dog but she didn't have one. She did have beautifully captured  sunsets and woodland scenes.  

Kurtz Miller   is know as the Ozark Srimshaw Man. He draws and carves beautiful traditional and original folkart   on knife and, gun handles  and other polished shiny surfaces.

 Don Lee is Editor of the Lovely County Citizen Newspaper I was so glad to get some articles he had written on a few of the artists.
Amber Rockell is know as the Honky Tonk Artist. She sings too! She is a transplant from Calif. then Texas who decided to get closer to her honky tonk musical friends. What I found so interesting about her was that she paints with makeup and lipstick. It seems when she left Calif. she sold or gave away everything but her clothes and makeup. Then after awhile she had a strong desire to paint again and all she had was her makeup so this was the  start of her unique career! She is making her whole loft an art creation!

I am so sorry I didn't get  this bead and jewelry designer's name.  I bought a pendant and glass bead chain from her. She and her kittie were just getting set up in their new location. Hopefully she will send a oomment along with her name
I also visited  the DE JA VU  Antique  shop across the road and found a few treasures. This is my purchases for the day. What a Fun Day It Was!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Found this old board with one of my favorite words at a neat Antique mall in Springfield, Mo. It's hanging on the back porch by the door.

This little happy scare- a- crow is one of a group I made for a sale one year. He sits on the back porch as a greeter!

Really liked these bike sculptures we saw on our St. Louis Trip last week.

This darling Play House was right across the street from our Motel. Notice the piece of art work tacked on railing?

Side View

I belong to a group called "Art Abandonment" We abandon pieces of creative work for others to enjoy with out being seen and try and take a picture. There is a note on the back about our group an a e-mail address if the finder cares to respond. I did hear back from the man that found this. he was very excited because his daughter was born on Halloween and he had a small art collection started with this theme

Close up of card. I have made several of these for a post card exchange group I belong to as well as for abandoning.

This was suppose to be my first picture on this post- but! oh well! I love red as you know so this little dresser scarf  caught my eye and brings a touch of color here on the wood stove for the summer only of course!

Monday, September 3, 2012


This Story Quilt will be Called "HOME". I drew a picture on paper of our Child Rearing Home in K.C., Mo. then cut out pieces of different fabrics for the sizes I need like roof, house, windows and etc.and started pinning and basting them all in place on a piece of solid black material  I'm in the process of hand sewing them all  on now..

I first made all the little houses then frame or background for the quilt, and sewed the houses  as a border around the quilt. The white paper figures are the family members; Maurice and I and our three boys( will have the cat and dog in it too). After I finish the house and get it sewn on the background  I will start the same process with the people.

I have been jotting down some "Home" quotes and think I will use the upper one by Oliver Wendall Holmes. (probably condensed). Will use yarn for the quote I imagine The Quilts are very time consuming. I could paint it as a picture faster, but I love creating with fabric also. "Variety is the spice of life" you know!