Saturday, August 29, 2015


Precious dishes (W.S. George 58701) from sister Judy to celebrate our 60th!
I picked out this cute old red twig stand as my gift from Maurice.

Maurice couldn't be happier! His gift was 2 bags of pecans!

Tasha was sure glad to have us back! Maurice is eating prunes (Ha Ha) in this picture!
Our first stop was The Big Biscuit for breakfast!

We hadn't been here for a good while, and we lucked out! It was Senior day!

I like to do my Abanding Art on trips!

I Love Quotes! So made some of these too!

It was fun to visit blog friend Susie Childs at her new shop  "Tullees" in Booneville.

This is Tullee!

Had fun wearing my fabric flower necklace!

A Close Up!

These pictures got out of order! This is the Sari Ribbon  I used to make the Tullee sign.

This is the Sari Cord I used for the writing.

Close Up!

My Pulpit Decoration for Sunday the 30th. We are having a Celebrate Marriage Day!

Fun old stuff1 How about this old Tub Bench with a dresser top!

outside displays!

Our favorite booths in this Mall!

Both booths were furnished by the same dealer!

I used another one of my prints as abandoned art and wrote a note and left it. This was at the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed. I also left another one at the booths we liked so well!

Sister Judy and I started the day (5:30 am in the dark) on this porch  at the B & B and ended it there too!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Isn't this a darling little child's sewing machine? Found it at the thrift store!

I enjoyed a quick visit to the Foxwood Springs Communal Garden.

The residents can grow anything they wish. Some Flowers.

And some vegetables!

With a  neat Thrift Store right up the path!

Got a book I'm really enjoying!

I've been working out in my backyard garden adding mulch.

I sprinkle chards of pottery and shells and special trinkets her and there along the path.

I think broken plates and dishes add interest too!

Always something to look at!

I keep adding more Colus too!

They are blooming their heads off this year!

I'm also adding ground cover to the back shady garden'

This door leads to the garden one way, and the enclosed screened porch.straight ahead.

This door leads out to the driveway or back garden or onto the wood porch which goes into the back door.

A bog pot of Colus on a stump in front of the house.


I have cuttings started all the time from broken off piece due to the hose and other mishaps!

Happy Gardening to you Too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Last year my long awaited trip to Santa Fe ended up a drive thru! It happened to be a festival day with no parking anywhere within walking distance. So Maurice drove down a little back alley like road and I jumped out of the car and took pictures rapidly before anther car came! This is a composite painting of a couple of them!

This view shows it in a little different perspective.

It was Installation of Officers in T.O.P.S. again!

My yellow Wheeled Barrel is overflowing with Hostas!  Hope your summer is going well!