Saturday, September 13, 2014


 "EYE CANDY" Made these little pin wheels while traveling. Enough for 3 big pickle jars! I just love them!

Antiquing is so fun while traveling!  Plan on using the canisters in my Art Studio for storage with lids on or off!

Red and Yellow turn me on! I can hardly ever resist!

Here's how I travel with handwork on my lap workin away!

Quilting Shop Hopping was as much fun as Antiquing. Here is my combined stash from the trip!

I took buttons but gathered more along the way!

This was such a cute idea for little gifts! Selection of fabric pieces; probably like fat quarter size, in pint jars with bow!

Quilt shops are so cute anymore!

Started my collection of cigar boxes!

I enjoyed my visit here so much! Bought a lot too!

Such a cute wooden Cherry Garland! It's on my to do list for sure!

Talk about "Eye Candy"!  This is where I bought my tiles in Santa Fe.

Could have stayed here a lot longer and spent a lot more money!

Breath Taking!

Fabrics I bought from one shop!

My Cousin Florence's Sun Bonnet Sue Wall Hanging which inspired me to make my own!

I drew off a pattern from hers and have got this far so far!

Have these left to do  plus the embroidery work and rickrack trim

My fabulous tiles from Santa Fe!

Really sharp Southwest Wall Hanging!