Sunday, December 15, 2013


I Made 37 Santas this year. All ready for gift giving to family and friends.

The title I wrote on each one is "Santas New Outfit"

I started  making Santas in 1985 and have done it every year since, (28 yrs.)  except for 1981. That year was a Bad one with the death of one son and the serious long hospitalization of another.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Fellow Harrisonville Fine Arts member Hope (right foreground) and I took Christmas Tiles for the area health care facility to decorate. They dipped the eraser end of the pencil in bright colors to put ornaments on trees an wreaths.

Even though it was hard for some to hold a pencil they enjoyed the experience!

We always have 2 full tables + ready to work on an art project.

I always bring decorations for our Art Leagues Christmas Party. This year decided to use some of my blue bottle collection as well as the Chenille Snowmen from another year.

We are not a large group but we stay active in art projects

Decided to use my Blue Bottle tree instead of the evergreen one I usually bring

More of the members. Our president of longstanding is right in the center.

Our outgoing president for one year is picture in the center.

Our first Christmas party of the year was Sorority. This is always the setting for our Christmas picture!  Friends for a lifetime!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My Abandoned Art at the Welcome Center in  downtown Nashville

Even dropped one off for Superman in Metropolis, Ill.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel is  just gorgeous! Stayed there 2 days and one night!. Lots of fun  places to abandon art there!

Actually saw the person who picked this one up! I have heard from 2 folks on gmail so far that have found the art.

"Folk Art " right down my alley!  Another location to drop off my art!

Sister Judy admiring the lights.

Beautiful place for relaxing!

Outside the Hotel, Beautiful!

Even left one at a beautiful Rest Stop!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Getting ready for our annual Birthday Trip for sister Judy. This year we are going to Nashville, Tenn. I decided to abandon some art along the way! So got busy early in my Christmas Cards making 25 extra for this occasion. We will hide 5 per day; at meal time, shopping time and play time.

Decided to paint a Christmas Village this year (5"x7"), then have it reduced to  2.5"x 3.5"I used red cardstock underneath first then a blue cardstock for the card.

Grand daughter typed this up for me to put on the inside. Disregard the mistakes as she had a very tired baby wanting her attention

Judy's Birthday gift from me will be this Picture Journal I made by covering a sketch book with tapestry, cotton lace, picture and ribbon. I made copies of pictures I took of her creatively decorated  house and cottage about a year ago. I will have her do journaling inside the book about the pictures on our trip.

Cover Page

Some of the Cottage Pictures

Her Bed

Some pictures from her Family Room

Little Vignettes  in Judy's Front Room

Now the catching up Part of the Blog I now have my art in 4 shops! Yes! What am I thinking? This is a chair I just painted and made the cushion and put in the new little shop in town. You can see some of my other art in the background.

Our Annual TOPS Halloween Party has come and gone, but this was our outfits for the festive occasion. We always have a great time!   Husband Maurice is still battling a bad cough since his chemo. We have an appt. with a Pulmonary Specialist Dec. 11. It's been 4+ months!  Will show you on my post next time where the Abandoned Art ends up! Hopefully it won't be as long between posts as it was this time! Sorry!   P.S. the pictures on the cardboard in the background are part of the over 25 years of parties!  I bring them out every year and hang for folks to reminise on what they wore. We've lost several mates over the years too so it's bitter sweet reminiscing!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Decided I need a Folk Art Coat to go with my Polka-Dot shoes. So I just painted one with acrylic canned paint. Want to get a red hooded sweatshirt to go under for the sale Sat as it's going to be Cold!

Front View

My sign read to fasten on the truck.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


"Going Glamping" (Glamorous Camping) was my 3-Dim entry in the Harrisonville Fine Art Show this week  and I won first place!. To be fair there were not many entries in this category, but I was happy! I designed  cute little camper blocks on black felt after seeing the idea on friend Jamie Fingal's "Twisted Sister" blog. I didn't know exactly what I would do with them, but they ended up giving  me  the idea for my 3rd Story Quilt!. I would just love to have a small R.V. that I could drive fixed up all glamorous for get-away trips. So there I am on my quilt set up at "Marlynne's Hideaway" with my Polka-Dot camper and gold print canopy waving to all my friends! My plans are to make a few more Story Quilts then offer to give a program at sororities or some woman's group.

"Listen Carefully To Your Inner Voice" was my second entry in the Acrylic Category, although I added some Sari  material and gold twigs plus glitter glue. We are going to discuss adding  a Mixed Medium Category or combining it with 3-Dim at our next meeting.

 This was my 3rd Entry and in Acrylic Category also. I titled it "Fantasy Feather & Floral". I won a Judge Merit ribbon on this which I felt was an honor since Acrylic is a big Category. This was so much fun to paint and embellish! Again it would have probably been in Mixed Media Category had we had one.

Our mornings are cool now, and it will soon be too cool for having my morning coffee in what I call my "Mamma Mia Room" in my "Blue Bottle Garden" so husband Maurice took my picture to capture the memory! When ever I come out the dog and cats are immediately there for  attention!

Here's a view from the other direction. Hope your recording your memories too! Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm excited to be a part of the new little shoppe in Garden City, Mo., M & B Mercantile.  As you see I've been working long hours to get this display ready!

Here's the outside. When open there are cute displays on the porch too!

My more rugged Folk Art is now displayed for sale at Kurzweil's in Garden City, Mo

These fun pieces are painted on old boards.

This large enclosed porch is ready for more art!

Some of my crosses available.

Outside a very busy place! Yummy sandwiches!

Got the sign painted to advertize our sale coming up! I'm busy working up pieces for this too!

We slipped off for a couple of days to a favorite spot; .Roaring River State Park. Love to stay in the lodge then walk or drive down to the camping area and smell the campfires!

And watch the fisherman and visit the hatchery.

Have done a little decorating at home for the season.

I enjoy this window shelf over the sink in the kitchen. Gosh the little ruffle needs washing! Doesn't look that bad in real life!  Happy Fall Friends!