Sunday, February 4, 2018


Isn't this gorgeous? Called The Eternity Stone. I may adopt this as my emblem on my paintings and handwork! Love it!

This was another interesting stone piece.

These little miniature African Violets were precious, and reminded us of mother. She grew them and started new babies all the time too.  She had hanging grow lights in  part of a room like a small greenhouse

Their  Fairy Houses and Gardens are so cute!

Just had to smile at this display!

Another Fairy Garden.

The booths at  Brass Armadillo are changed very frequently. It's always inspirational to go out there!

Eye candy Everywhere!


Even the seed packets are inspiring at  The Suburban Greenhouse!

How cute is this piece of yard art?

Toto was so excited with his new toy, but it lasted 1 day!! I don't pay more than 98 cents and try for 50 cents each!

Tasha just takes hers up in bed with her.

This is my new Luminara  Birthday Candle from sister Judy. We are sure enjoying it! I have added some berried grapevine and moss balls around it now.

Judy and I waiting for our delicious birthday luncheon at The Greenwood Tea Room

Some more interesting booths at Brass Armadillo

Fun! Fun! Fun!

This is me with my latest "Cozy Corner" Painting of one wall in our Living Room

Close Up. The pump organ was our first antique! Actually bought by husband' Maurice.

A basket full of Spool Hearts that I took to distribute at a party recently

Button Art is fun too!

This is a close up of two of the pink spool hearts.

We decided we'd go some where different to eat yesterday. So picked Winsteads. This was THE PLACE in the 50's (our high school days)

This was our very creative waiter serving us his "Hawn Sundae Special"! We told him to surprise us with a special sundae of his creation and boy was it delicious!  Hope you are having some special moments too!