Saturday, May 26, 2012


 Lawrence, Kansas's annual Art Car Parade for All ages!
Cute little lawn cart filled with a flower garden!
 Friend Nick Schmiedlar's clever "Truck Bed" entry.
 This space Ship was spraying out water. It felt good!
 Very Interesting Fan Powered Car!
 "Flower Powered" One of my Favorites!
 So Cute! "Bawk Bawk! Chickens in their cage out for a ride! They acted like they were enjoying it! I bet they had several practice trips!
 A lot going on in this shot! A lot of the kids had decorated these little cardboard cars!
 A great location for eating before the parade and viewing afterwards.
 A big selection to choose from at Sylas & Maddy's after the parade!
 Fellow Art Junker, Nick Schmiedler's Place in Lawrence.
 He has all 50 States.
I Saved the best to last! So Me! Maybe it will be me next year in Maurice's "Little Red Rolls" in my red & white poka-dot dress & red hat with all my art paraphernalia

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



It was a bitter sweet day for me when we moved to the farm from the city on the last day of school in 1976. I loved our "Child Rearing Home"! It was a beautiful home and so convient to everything, schools, shopping, church. work and cultural events.  But the schools were changing and  ten acres of the family farm was waiting so we decided to build our "Ranch House in the Country.
Husband, Maurice checked  out "Building Houses books from the library and learned how to build everything even the windows and doors! All we hired done was digging the hole for the foundation. He is my "Hero". I made the City House Needlepoint picture in 1972. It now  hangs in the Dining  Room of our Farm House.   The Farm Painting I did on a slab of wood  for Maurice on Valentines Day in 1978. It now hangs in the T. V. Room with the 3 boys Senior Pictures below.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Finally finished my Friendship Quilties Book. Here's how I made mine:  I cut 2 pieces of 9x13x1/4th inch fine grade plywood. Drilled 2 holes in each for cord, then painted in light creamy- yellow, painted on my flower garden and embellished with buttons. After dry I brushed on an Acrylic Varnish on all sides. I found the cord at a Beauty Supply Store. They had all colors.

 Each double fabric page is 8 1/2x12 inches with a low loft batting inserted. I made the holes with point of sissors and did a buttonhole stitch around them. I Hand stitched each quiltie on the page, usually 2 per side. Before doing this though I wrote with a fine point black fabric pin onto the fabric page the information on the back of each quiltie So far I have 8 2-sided fabric sheets with 31 quilties in the book. Think I can add maybe 4 more fabric sheets and finish out the year with Sandra Kaye Trade Quilties.
I really enjoy Art Journaling, and this is just another way of  doing it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hope your day is happy & sunny just like my sunflowers! I bought these recently at the hospital fund raiser. Thought they needed to be in a Folk Artists  front  yard, don't you?  Also put my painting in a different place this year. I like it better!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Dicks 5 & 10 Store in Branson, Mo. still has the Pink Flamingos for sale in pairs. So for 3 trips I purchases a set. This year after losing the Red Bud Tree in front of our barn the flamingos found a new home! The  bird bath just fit on top of the ivy covered stump too, so we now have a new look!

Friday, May 4, 2012


The Earth Day Banner is now home in my Secret Garden. I have lost a few of the older trees so the banner is kinda  helping to fill in the gap while the younger trees are growing The smaller Earth Day Banner is now hanging at the entrance of the garden. I made the Inspiration banner on the way home from Augusta, it hangs just inside the garden. I have another Art banner  hanging also which I haven't taken a picture of yet as my camera has bit the dust! Hopefully I will be able to replace it soon!