Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Our "Chat & Sew" group at church made Pillowcases today to send to The National Children's Hospital in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. I found out about this project on "Kelley Highway" a blog on the web.

Karen had the pattern and showed us all how to do it.

A rather blurry picture and not flattering of me for sure!

It was fun picking out the different materials for the cases!

The Go Go Girls +1 took part in the annual walk at Mill Walk Mall and did a total of 10 plus miles.

Great Grandson Eli loves to work his puzzles!

"Watch me Grandma"!

The zinnias are in full bloom now! This picture was taken a week or more ago.

I deadhead and save the  seeds  every year.

I have all colors, but more pink shades. I need to plant some red, yellow and white ones next year!

With all the rain the Wildflowers have been beautiful this year! Hope you are enjoying the summer. I invite you again to visit and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on Facebook too. Bye!

Monday, July 7, 2014


One of mother and daughter's favorite napping places. It was quite disturbing to the Momma and Daddy birds nesting nearby earlier in the month!

    Tasha will lay right out in the sun soaking it up!
The cats don't bother these chickens at all!

I love the old "rustic" look!

Such a pretty spot of color in the garden!

I use a lot of flags here and there!

My 4th of July outfit.  With red being my favorite color, I wear it a lot!

And Polka Dots too! Yes I get them when ever I find them! Husband Maurice is looking so good after a long bout of recovering from Chemo. His third time around! We are so grateful!!    Hope your summer is going good too!  Remember my other blog;  and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on Facebook.