Sunday, January 27, 2013


Can't you just imagine how excited I was to receive this precious decorated Valentine Candy Box in the mail from Erica from We had each others name in the swap and I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN HAPPIER!  From the outside of the parcel to the inside contents it was all a treat!! The covered patterned box with trims  of buttons, vintage valentines, ribbon roses, lace tinsel garland  &  fabric and paper cutouts was a work of art to behold! 

A Precious tiny bisque doll and handmade porcelain heart, and yummy package of vintage fabric. new sherbert flavored sugar free gum, pretty valentine hankie, lavender facial mask and more!  So much fun!!  Count me in for next year again for sure!

As you know by now I collect Raggedys  + many other things! This little trio makes me smile setting on the shelf over the sink  as I work away in the kitchen. Glad you stopped by my blog for a visit!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hi! My name is Marlynne Joy Snare and I'm a Folk Artist. At 76 yrs. old and a great-grandmother I still like to create art and have fun! As you can tell red is my very favorite color and add yellow to it and I'm off an runnin!  This is my first blog I started  3 yrs. ago to satisfy the Folk Art side of my personality. Then a year ago I started the "My Precious Cottage" blog at  to share my love of  the Victorian Style. I love to create with paint, wood, fabric and discarded materials.

This last year I decided to move my art table into the sunny sewing,T.V. room where it was inviting to create. I just love it!

This is the other side of the room where I can use the wall for a small art gallery. as you can see great-grandson spends a great deal of time in here too!.The red and yellow and green quilt on th chair back was made for me for Christmas this year by good friend Karen. The red & white basket quilt on the wall is an antique quilt from a former neighbor.

This shows the whole room in all it's glory! I made the banners special for this Grow Your Blog Party! I like them so they will stay . The string of fabric hearts in the window and the "Be My Valentine" banner in the other window are new creations too!

I made this heart pillow last year and have had it in my chair every since.

My sister and I had our monthly outing last Tuesday and these were two of my purchases. We love to go to thrift stores and Antique Malls. Now to decide how to use them to best advantage.

I made this Studio Sign  and fabric flowers several years ago for outside my Studio #1 door.

As you can see this Studio is Full to Overflowing with Folk Art and Collections. I still love to go in and look just not stay in there to create!

I'm very fond of painting Folk Art Town Scenes and writing little stories that tells about them.

Dollhouses are every where!  I have 8 of them, and have made a lot of the furniture and furnishings. And one dollhouse from scratch. I have a friend who has offered me 2 more houses. I'm thinking on it but when am I going to have to stop? Hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back! I anxious to visit your blogs and will be sending comments your way. Happy Blogging!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I'm sprucing up my Art Studio for the up coming "Grow Your Blog Party" sponsored by Vicki on . Thought these banners would add a colorful touch! With the cereal box cardboard I save I cut banners 7"x10+" then found material in my stash and glued on both sides I picked 8 different patterns. I am going to punch holes and string on  jute twin. I will show you in the next January post how I use them.

I enjoyed my new (old looking Merry Christmas banner below) in my studio so much I got to thinking I'll just turn it over and make it my Valentine Banner also! So here's what I come up with.  Will show it in it's location next time too

Bought this banner at a precious shop in old St. Charles, Mo. while sister Judy and I were celebrating her Nov. birthday. St Charles is where Missouri's first capital bldg was located.

Received these Snowman Quilties in Sandra Kaye's December trade. The cute top iridescent one with snowman and tree cutouts is from Tova. It is so pretty and shiny!  The middle "work of art" has felt snowman and tree cutouts each decorated uniquely, and the border is something else! Thank you Judy McCarthy clear from Australia! The bottom  "Cutie" is from Jen in Aussie Quilters Cotton Club. It has so much detail you just keep looking and looking. So Fun! Thank you friends! These will absolutely fill  "My Friendship Quilties Book" !