Sunday, January 6, 2013


I'm sprucing up my Art Studio for the up coming "Grow Your Blog Party" sponsored by Vicki on . Thought these banners would add a colorful touch! With the cereal box cardboard I save I cut banners 7"x10+" then found material in my stash and glued on both sides I picked 8 different patterns. I am going to punch holes and string on  jute twin. I will show you in the next January post how I use them.

I enjoyed my new (old looking Merry Christmas banner below) in my studio so much I got to thinking I'll just turn it over and make it my Valentine Banner also! So here's what I come up with.  Will show it in it's location next time too

Bought this banner at a precious shop in old St. Charles, Mo. while sister Judy and I were celebrating her Nov. birthday. St Charles is where Missouri's first capital bldg was located.

Received these Snowman Quilties in Sandra Kaye's December trade. The cute top iridescent one with snowman and tree cutouts is from Tova. It is so pretty and shiny!  The middle "work of art" has felt snowman and tree cutouts each decorated uniquely, and the border is something else! Thank you Judy McCarthy clear from Australia! The bottom  "Cutie" is from Jen in Aussie Quilters Cotton Club. It has so much detail you just keep looking and looking. So Fun! Thank you friends! These will absolutely fill  "My Friendship Quilties Book" !


Marilou Bain said...

Love the quilties you received, wish I could have participated,just not enough time:)
Hugs and Happy New Year sweet Marlynne,

laurajane said...

Lovely Quilties.xx

Melody said...

Beautiful quilties

donna said...

Love your quilties. Sooo cute. Thank you so much for stopping by and joining my blog.

Akuna Kumara said...

Wonderful creativity.. Enjoyed your artistic ability...Sharon

lynn cockrell said...

Your room makes me feel good as I look at it, Marylynne. I love the fact that you are still creating. Those of us who are born to create understand that it is something that, The Greatest Creator willing, we shall do as long as we breathe. I'm signing up to follow your blog. I am a new blogger myself. Create on, Marylynne.