Sunday, February 4, 2018


Isn't this gorgeous? Called The Eternity Stone. I may adopt this as my emblem on my paintings and handwork! Love it!

This was another interesting stone piece.

These little miniature African Violets were precious, and reminded us of mother. She grew them and started new babies all the time too.  She had hanging grow lights in  part of a room like a small greenhouse

Their  Fairy Houses and Gardens are so cute!

Just had to smile at this display!

Another Fairy Garden.

The booths at  Brass Armadillo are changed very frequently. It's always inspirational to go out there!

Eye candy Everywhere!


Even the seed packets are inspiring at  The Suburban Greenhouse!

How cute is this piece of yard art?

Toto was so excited with his new toy, but it lasted 1 day!! I don't pay more than 98 cents and try for 50 cents each!

Tasha just takes hers up in bed with her.

This is my new Luminara  Birthday Candle from sister Judy. We are sure enjoying it! I have added some berried grapevine and moss balls around it now.

Judy and I waiting for our delicious birthday luncheon at The Greenwood Tea Room

Some more interesting booths at Brass Armadillo

Fun! Fun! Fun!

This is me with my latest "Cozy Corner" Painting of one wall in our Living Room

Close Up. The pump organ was our first antique! Actually bought by husband' Maurice.

A basket full of Spool Hearts that I took to distribute at a party recently

Button Art is fun too!

This is a close up of two of the pink spool hearts.

We decided we'd go some where different to eat yesterday. So picked Winsteads. This was THE PLACE in the 50's (our high school days)

This was our very creative waiter serving us his "Hawn Sundae Special"! We told him to surprise us with a special sundae of his creation and boy was it delicious!  Hope you are having some special moments too!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Sister Judy and I went to Brass Armadillo Antique Mall yesterday and discovered it was 15% off weekend, so this is most of my loot!

I have the Valentine decorations all out here at home. This is the tray I added  an old patchwork scrap to for our kitchen counter.

This is the first of my Bohemian Spool Hearts I'm making. It went to Judy's house.

Part of out out of town grand kids came over New Years. So we enjoyed being together for a meal  in town.

I've been catching up on my painting during the snowy cold days.

I called this 16"X20" painting "King of the Bird Feeder"!

Another of my "Out My Kitchen Window" Series Paintings

"Hang on Springs Next!"

Getting ready to change the paintings in The Community Center, Bank and Doctors Office and Atrium in The Library! A Full Half Day!

Some of my Blog friends wanted to see the inside of this doll house they saw in the previous picture. So here is the bottom floor. Do you see me back there painting?

Husband Maurice upstairs at his desk with his books and dog

Lit up! Our great grandson, had fun  re-arranging things, so I had to do a little cleaning and changing before I took this picture. I'm glad he likes to do it though! I have 7 other doll houses and through the years the younger grand kids have spent many fun times re-arranging them!

I took a picture of Tasha the other day, so when I get a chance I'll do a little 5"X7" painting to go along side Toto's

Close up with a little smile!

Right now I'm finishing up a painting of this part of the great room to add to Our Home's Cozy Corners" series.

I'm doing it this way.

We are gradually getting the Grand kids Wall up to date! Got 2 new ones over the holiday

This is the first of my bird paintings this season.

"Winter Red Bird Flurry"

Finished this "Cozy Corner Painting of the Living Room (Great Room)  right after Christmas. Hope you are enjoying this season also! remember my other blog:

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Our Dining Room Table will be minus out Collection of Jim Shore Folk Santa's this year. Will be  replacing  with doves .I am keeping all my Santa Decorations in the back of the house and the Religious Jesus Birthday/ Nativity in the Front.

This red bell makes me think of childhood days!

There are red bows and gold lights in the garland too.

Our Back Porch usually has wood stacked on it, but we are getting  to old to cut the wood and get up on the roof to clean the chimney. So now this little table and chairs get to stay all year and get decorated for Christmas too! .

Here is what I've been working on 21 Patchwork Christmas Tree Table Throws. They measure 18''x51" Each one is different. They were really great fun to make but time consuming!

Maurice was in the process of installing this new dryer and noticed we had a hose leaking on the wash machine. While trying to fix that by changing the hoses the pipe cracked. So now we are waiting on a plumber!
This is a new look this year for our back porch door too!  The wreath seen thru the door was a thrift store find for $3.00.  I really like this look too!

This is the Christmas Display on the Pool Table. Very seldom does anybody want to  play these days so decided to make it fun to look at!

More of the display.

The back of the display

We have room for this painted ironing board Santa on the back porch now too!

Scene over the sink in candlelight! Mother bought this little tree and miniature ornaments  for me years ago.

The Kitchen Table is now the new home for my collection of 9 Jim Shore Santa's from my good friend Karen. They are so neat! I really enjoy  looking at them!

Maurice won this beautiful Italian Nativity at work many years ago. We are enjoying it lighted on the Dining Room Buffet this year. But I see I need to camouflage the cord! 

This picture of Maurice & I was taken in Nov. while in Branson on Sister Judy's Birthday Trip

Another Christmas Project. Our Christmas Cards. This is year 42 for Homemade Cards.

Packages getting ready to mail!  Hope it's a happy time of year for you all too! Might like to visit my other blog too. It is