Thursday, August 10, 2017


Been needing to redo this topiary for some time! It will look perky out on the plant table on our back porch all year long.

I had taken off the dead moss, so it was ready for a redo!

Here is where I put the pottery pieces I got last week at the thrift store.  On the Pulpit Table at Church for August.

Gave the old wooden tulips on the back porch a new look too! 

I always have some hand work with me in my purse. This I finished for the August Pool Table Display.

Been eyeing this old plaster kitchen plaque at Brass Armadillo for sometime. When we went last week everything was 15% off so it was one of my purchases!

These tins I had been watching for too!

Judy and I both have a terrible time passing up homemade Raggedys!

Now this orange haired Andy has his mate!

Judy thought I needed this little Rocking Horse for sure!

Found out when I got home it was handmade in 1980. Always makes my purchases more special!

Here's my August Pool table display. Our anniversary Month. Grandson Aaron and his wife made these Teddy Bears for us years ago while visiting.

Here's the back side.

My latest fabric board.

Sure enjoyed reading my new book!  Hope you're enjoying your summer too!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I just love these Blue & White pottery pieces sister Judy and I found at  "Pennies From Heaven Thrift Store" at 9319 Santa Fe Drive in Overland Park, Kans.

They go beautifully with the taller vase husband Maurice got for me as an anniversary gift years ago.

This tin urn was a find at another new (to us) thrift store: "City Thrift" at 11186 Antioch Rd. on Overland Park, Kans.

Here's where I have put the smaller pot for now anyway!

Having fun creating Garden Totems with flower pots1

2nd rooting of  coleus.

The Sweet Potato does so well in the planters. This one is out in front by the driveway.

Another old canister for my collection on the back porch.

It's hard to resist old boxes and  kitchen linens

My friend Rose Marie knows I love old pieces to use out in the yard.  This old rotted out pot is just great!! 

I have enjoyed gathering blue birds lately.  This one may have come from the 3rd thrift store we found new to us: "Turn Style Thrift" run by Catholic Charities at 9750 W. 95th St. Overland Park, Kans.

More Blue Birds! The one in front sister Judy found for me.

Cherries are another favorite thing of mine. I have several tablecloths and runners with cherries on them!

Love the old linen table runners too!

My favorite size of canvas right now!

Judy found these new SAS  shoes for me at Major Thrift on 50 Hyw. in Raytown; one of her favorite thrift stores.

We all like "smalls" This precious little chalk dog is just  1 1/2" tall.

Can tell the size better here!

Gathered up these 2 cute little caps for my Halloween Pool Table Display.

 This is my latest 12"X24" Bohemian Painting #3 "White Phlox". I'm sure having fun with this new size and style! Hope you are enjoying your days too! You might check out my other blog: also.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


My newest Quote Journal #2

I took a picture of this framed piece of fabric art of mine and then ran it off on fabric. But I couldn't get it light enough for the cover of my journal so ended up painting the fabric1

This is Journal #1. I took a better picture but wouldn't you know this one came up!

Been wanting to paint this sign for some time! Finally got it done1 The flowers are finally looking better in the wagon too!

Husband Maurice has been working on a BIG PROJECT up adding a layer of insulation board all around the outside of the house then putting new siding over that. of course that required staining and painting too!

I love the pretty chartreuse potato vine by the back entrance, but it requires a lot of watering and then the weeds grow that much faster between the bricks!

Nostalgic old apple plaque!

Back Porch table centerpiece for summer.

 Finished this Fabric Fall Art Picture  while on vacation. Will use it later. 

Maurice kept the ladder from Davey's Playhouse for me for old times sake!

Path thru the Garden from the back entrance.

All ready enjoying the fall colors in the dining room!

Path thru the garden at the back of the porch.

Tasha loves to sit on the swing with us! I took a pretty good selfie of all of us, But naturally it didn't show up when I put my pictures on the blog! Happy Summer! Hope you'll check out my other blog  too.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


I got this large piece of fabric at a thrift store while on vacation. I just love it! Not only is it being featured in my latest Floral Bohemian Painting but it's going to cover my 8 dinning room chairs with some to spare! Note the green plaid current chair covering. The new pattern will look terrific with our oriental rug in there!

Close-up of pattern.

My handwork while traveling on our vacation was to recover thrift store stuffed toys.

Now Gingham Dog has finally got his mate!

I created this first Bohemian Floral painting for sister Judy's Bohemian Garden Room. It was so  much fun I am painting a series of them!

Here she is with her coffee in her precious room which is being added to daily!

Early Morning with plenty of atmosphere!

The trees and houses on the trip gave me plenty of artistic inspiration!


Love the tiles!

I've got a pallet  ready to make one of these for my folk art garden!! Blessings! Hope you go over to my other blog also for a visit with my family while on vacation! www.mcreatesdaily