Wednesday, October 18, 2017


This is a popular place in the Fall even on a weekday.

They have a good selection of Heirloom Pumpkins too!

And all the apples and Bees! Oh My! 

This little one's eye's were just sparkling! She had found her pumpkin!

My sorority chapter of Beta Sigma Phi posing before we went in to get our cider & donuts .

It was pretty windy,  so some of us took cover for awhile!
I'm enjoying my new Fall Banner.

Have more rocks ready for sister Judy to paint and hide. Her town is really into this fun project!

I sure miss Davey's tree house, especially this time of year! Glad I painted a picture of it years ago!

Found me a little pumpkin too!

Made some more copies of my Halloween cards for up coming party.

We've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately.  This one is grand daughter Jackie's.

This one was friend and fellow card player Hope's

She seemed  happy to receive one of my Fall Pinwheel/Button Tree's and card.

Celebrated sweet Robins Birthday too!

She received one of the 4 that I made too! Hope all is well with you all dear friends. Come on over to my other blog too:  Blessings!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Decided the little bears needed some fall stars to hold!
They are made out of felt. Should have dusted the bears off first!

We enjoyed a visit from  Steve & Rosslyn Schultz, Curators of Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas  and Rosslyn's brothers and sisters .

They were on a Weekend Outing and since I have Folk  Art Paintings and my collections of homemade Santa's, Uncle Sam's and Christmas Cards there at the Folk Art Center in Lucas and they were close by they wanted to see and  document where I did my art.

I sent back two of my smaller spring paintings with them. And when I am ready the other large folk art town paintings and subject paintings will become part of that collection also
My Fall decorations are up now.

This is just inside the back porch off of driveway

Happy lighted pumpkin on back porch.


Scarecrow is needing  his clothes washed!  Dust always shows up worse in pictures

This Jack-O-Lat-tern lights up the kitchen counter

Back Porch again!

Back Porch Door

Enclosed back porch with fall decorations and clean windows!!

 An old picture of me and my two special friends of many years  who just celebrated milestone birthdays! 85th and 90th!

Brought out my (Van Gogh) style leaf painting for the season.

One of  our ladies at church modeled her latest creations for us. Just Gorgeous!!

We all oohed and awed as she came in!

This is my latest garden totem.

Kitchen window shelf.

This is last years shelf

This is this years shelf

This is before the bears got their star flags to hold! Next week our weather is suppose to cool off to fall temperatures yeah! Sure ready!  Blessings to you all!

Monday, August 28, 2017


In honor of our 62nd Wedding Anniversary I added one of my Kurzweil boards to the back entrance wall.

Have a little folk art gallery outside the back porch!

We celebrated our Anniversary in Jamesport, Mo. about 3 hrs from here.

Had the lunch buffet here.

Starting on year #63! We are Blessed!

We saw lots of Amish and Buggies. We shopped at their stores too!

Most everybody has gone through a session of making this! It's so good! Too good!

A pretty and inviting porch on front of one of the shops.

Of course I'm interested in the decor also! Neat skirt idea!

Listened for awhile here! Would have liked to stay longer!

Some of the musicians and  listeners.

Taking some pictures of Tasha for a painting.

She talks with her ears.  Hope all is well with you all out there too! God Bless You One and All! My other blog is