Sunday, July 16, 2017


My newest Quote Journal #2

I took a picture of this framed piece of fabric art of mine and then ran it off on fabric. But I couldn't get it light enough for the cover of my journal so ended up painting the fabric1

This is Journal #1. I took a better picture but wouldn't you know this one came up!

Been wanting to paint this sign for some time! Finally got it done1 The flowers are finally looking better in the wagon too!

Husband Maurice has been working on a BIG PROJECT up adding a layer of insulation board all around the outside of the house then putting new siding over that. of course that required staining and painting too!

I love the pretty chartreuse potato vine by the back entrance, but it requires a lot of watering and then the weeds grow that much faster between the bricks!

Nostalgic old apple plaque!

Back Porch table centerpiece for summer.

 Finished this Fabric Fall Art Picture  while on vacation. Will use it later. 

Maurice kept the ladder from Davey's Playhouse for me for old times sake!

Path thru the Garden from the back entrance.

All ready enjoying the fall colors in the dining room!

Path thru the garden at the back of the porch.

Tasha loves to sit on the swing with us! I took a pretty good selfie of all of us, But naturally it didn't show up when I put my pictures on the blog! Happy Summer! Hope you'll check out my other blog  too.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


I got this large piece of fabric at a thrift store while on vacation. I just love it! Not only is it being featured in my latest Floral Bohemian Painting but it's going to cover my 8 dinning room chairs with some to spare! Note the green plaid current chair covering. The new pattern will look terrific with our oriental rug in there!

Close-up of pattern.

My handwork while traveling on our vacation was to recover thrift store stuffed toys.

Now Gingham Dog has finally got his mate!

I created this first Bohemian Floral painting for sister Judy's Bohemian Garden Room. It was so  much fun I am painting a series of them!

Here she is with her coffee in her precious room which is being added to daily!

Early Morning with plenty of atmosphere!

The trees and houses on the trip gave me plenty of artistic inspiration!


Love the tiles!

I've got a pallet  ready to make one of these for my folk art garden!! Blessings! Hope you go over to my other blog also for a visit with my family while on vacation! www.mcreatesdaily

Saturday, May 27, 2017


This painting entitled "The Blue Chairs" is the way our side yard (the park) used to look like! But  alas, they eventually rotted out and gave over to black wrought iron glider and chairs!
Meet "Miss Kitty and Mr Arf Arf"!

Ir was fun making a pattern and creating my first fabric painted stuffed animal doll!

I see more in my future!

Husband Maurice watering down my Mother's Day Red Cherokee Dogwood. right before he caught "The Bug"!

Really a neat experience to attend sister Judys son's wedding on Biker Sunday!

The newlyweds by their decorated bike!

Been making  "Summer Garlands" for  myself and gifts

One of mine over the kitchen sink shelf!

Another Garden Totem I have entitled  "Mommie Dearest"! Do you see all the little chickens in the pots here and there?

Have my "Monet Garden" painting actually entitled "Birds Bed and Breakfast" up in the Dining Room for Summer. This was painted that year right out in my garden!  It never has been as pretty since! Glad I have the painting to remember it by!
"Serendipity" my favorite word! Have this displayed on my Summer Kitchen Shelf now.

I'm enjoying my back porch banners and lights and it seems to be keeping the bees off too!

The newest little painting for my Sorority Secret Sister Gift which accompanied a Cato's Gift Card.

My first Garden Totem made out of overturned flower pots! So Fun!

The Summer Kitchen  Shelf Display is sporting a Potholder Banner and Pot of Fabric Flowers this year. Hope your Summer or Fall is going Well! God Bless You All1

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Hard At It!  It was fun seeing my sisters working so hard bur having a great time doing it! The comments were hilarious!

I had painted the boards different colors and traced on a simple flower, leaf and the big polka dots. After getting them all started with painting  their flower and big polka dots white and leaves green  they did their own thing with shading of colors and etc.!

We had just enjoyed a Salad Potluck Luncheon. And they didn't know yet about their painting project next!

Maurice had an idea we go up to the bank and sing Happy Birthday to our friend Carole Lynne Arnold. It was fun for all of us! Even a customer or two!

I forgot to take a picture of the cute floral banner before  I wrapped it!

Our niece Pam from Columbia spent a night with us the day after Easter so I sent her home with a little piece of my art too!

We haven't got this "Selfie" business down very good yet! We had a good time eating, playing cards, talking and looking at old pictures!

I made Carole Lynne's banner this style of flower. Am making more of these as well as the style below for summer.

So much fun! I always have something like this in my purse to work on!

Easter Family Picture. It's hard to accept that our family gatherings of 20+ seem to be a thing of the past! I guess it's good since our energy  and backs are  not what they use to be!

Granddaughter Tyler flew here from  Salt Lake, (they live in Righby, Idaho) and then drove our old green van back to use as a second car. I think the plan ended up though for Granddaughter and Husband Cassie and Steven to trade their smaller car with Tyler for the van  so they would have room for a car seat for great grandson Liam. Just glad we could make it happen!

Out one little egg hunter, Great grandson Eli.

All but one egg accounted for! I found it later and was looking forward to a piece of chocolate candy, but wouldn't you know it! That one had 2 little rubber balls in it! Boo!

Saying good bye to our old green 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager. We bought it for Valentines Day in Feb. of  '99 and Maurice took super care of it! Now it's started on it's 2nd life with 379,250 miles on it and still running great! Bon Voyage dear faithful friend! We will miss you!!

I've been to the Walmart Garden Center three times already. This is the latest load!

Red Geraniums and Chartreuse Coleus  for the wheel barrel planter.

Pink, Purple and White Petunias, yellow marigolds and  ferns for the Flamingo Garden!

A lovely purple Wisteria plant to vine over an arbor and fence

Who's this 80 year old up on a ladder hanging curtain banners in the blue bottle garden!

The wildflowers are just lovely this year! We are waiting to mow this area till after they all bloom!

Another view!

My last years planter is waiting for a Patio Fern!

Have wanted a Blue Hydrangea for a long time for the Blue Bottle Garden so since I have sold several paintings lately decided to splurge on plants!

My dear friend Rose Marie gave me this Shepherds Crook Plant Holder for my birthday in February. Now it is glorious in the garden!

Have filled several containers of violas, pansies and pinks!

The Herb Garden is coming forth also!

Bright Cheery Pot  to great us at the back entrance.

The two Clematis I got last year are blooming beautifully!

Blue Bottle Chandler!

Just a picture of a pair of planters in the kitchen that make me happy! Sorry for the repeats below! But if I try and delete them I may lose the whole post and have to start over! I've had that happen before, and it's disgusting!   Happy Gardening to You Too! Remember my other blog too: