Monday, October 31, 2011


This shelf features my "Homemade Black Baby Collection" decorated for Halloween. It is locayed across the room from the backdoor so we see it alot! I found the fun childrens lamp shade at a flea market!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I anxiously awaited the mailman and he brought my trade quilties today!  From top left to right are: "Angel With Crown" by "Queen Of Dreams" from Grt. Smokey Mts., Tennessee. Love It ! Did you hand dye the pink background? Next is "Boys Will Be Boys" by Kay Hocking in far away Melbbourne, Australia.  How Fun! What a clever idea even using a mans business shirt and suit! And lastly "Pink Snail" by Kathy Grant again from Australia, Tasmania! Very interesting! The different materials, stitches and trim make for a cute and atttractive Quiltie! Thank You So Much For Making Our Trade A Fun Experience!   And now I'll be  looking forward to the Christmas Trade! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"THE TOWN OF MITFORD" (Copyrighted)

"The Town Of Mitford" is a 22X30" painting I did after listening to Jan Karon's books, "The Mitford Series". I like to listen to audio books while I paint. This series about an Episcopal priest, named Father Tim, and his dog Barnabas, a boy named Dooley and the delightful neighbor  named Cynthia captured my heart! Her description of the fictious town, and the local residents was so enthralling I just had to paint my vision of Mitford.  I have won a couple of ribbbons with this painting and have also reduced it for greeting cards. I sent a 11"X14" copy to Miss Karon for Valentines Day that year and received a nice Thank You from her and her Secretary.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorority Party tonight. The theme is shoes.  Been thinking about trying this project, so in honor of Fall,, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my love of Polka-Dots, this is what I come up with! It was easy just painted with acrylic bottle paint & sprayed with fixitive.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I joined a "Quilties Trade" on First assignment was to make 3 different 4"x6" 3layer quilts of your own design with buttons on each one. These were my entries for trade. "Fall Button Bouquet", "Button Snow on the Pines" & "Dick & Jane at Play" I can't wait to receive my trade quilts. I couldn't stand sending off my quilties with out mmaking a duplicate for me. So now instead of making three quilties each time it will be six! I understand our next assignment will be a "Christmas Theme" . Even though I have been making "Fabric Story Boards" for a long time this is something new and exciting! Fun Fun!


Joni was thrilled with the painting I did of her charming shop on the square in Harrisonville, Mo. She saw the painting at the recent Harrisonville Fine Art show and had to have it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yeah! I finally made it! Won the Kathy Ruth Neal" award for most creative wood entry in the 3-Dim. catagory. Did it with "Folk Art Is Good For Ya!". I think the bright Orange Ribbon is almost as exciting to me as the check! Also thrilled with 2nd place on "Mom's Art Car". A Good Night!