Sunday, June 23, 2013


Had my hands full! But where there's a will there's a way they say!

My 2 day purchases!  I used restraint!
This was super cool! the first thing you saw as you made your way to the gate!

I'm on the hunt for old tires now! I have the barn!

Feast for the eyes everywhere I looked!

Deluxe location! In side a small barn or garage.

The reason I came! Got to meet her and see her tent as well as buy a old blue step stool from her!

People and goodies everywhere!

My favorite tent! So many neat ideas!

I wish I had gone back and got one of these chickens! I'll have to make one!

Unique Cigar Box Banjos. sounded good too!

Saw this at Cracker Barrel on the way to Omaha. maybe it was going too!

Another view of my favorite tent!

Here was my little chair waiting to be snatched up! And I Did!  What a great time on the spur of the moment! A serendipity! My favorite kind!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Many Memories!

Have drawn most of the  businesses' and churches in the town.

A Wheel Barrel  full of Coreopsis thanks to my friend Neita

My  two latest ACEO 2.5"X3.5" Original Artist Cards for sale on E-Bay Auction. It's a fun new project! the first 5 have sold so far.

A pile of clean gingham clothing ready to cut up for quilts

 During the week I cut out  54  6.5" squares using 6 different prints which makes 9 rolls of 6 squares per roll. Then my good friend Rose Marie and I sew them together at Chat & Sew at the Archie Baptist Church every Wenesday. Then Rose Marie takes them home and hand ties or machine quilts them during the week    making a youth size quilt or throw for the residents at the Baptist Childrens Home. They have many short term  residents. Each one gets a quilt, a new set of clothes and a book or game in a fabric bag when they enter, and it's theirs to take with them with they leave.

People donate yardage, batting and left over fabric to which we supplement with decorative fat quarters and more batting to create bright happy quilts. We have a goal of one a week!

One of our TOPS sisters Sandy & husband  Donnie(center) celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary Sat. and we were there to celebrate with them! Three of our members were not there at the time of this picture.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Finished embroidering my sweet little Home Sweet Home piece going back and forth with  husband to his doctor appointments.

Framed and  displayed on my Seasonal  Shelf in the Kitchen.

Another "car"   handwork piece finished yesterday. My favorite scripture to live by!

Displayed along with some of my other favorite decorated quotes on the refrigerator.

Sister Judy and I pictured in front of "Good Ju Ju". Our first time to the First Friday Weekend Warehouse Antique  Shopping Spree in the East Bottoms of K.C., Mo.  What an occasion! Lots and Lots of people going in and out of old warehouse buildings, up and down flights of stairs having a ball shopping, visiting, eating and partying!

Husband Maurice reading the menu at one of the many food trucks! Too bad we had just had a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel before we came!