Sunday, August 17, 2014


I must go on the hunt for the tea pot lid! The tea set was one of great grandson's favorite things too!

Some of my artist friends spent Saturday morning using a palette knife as well as a brush to paint with.

This is what I've got done so far!  I went out to my big patch of zinnias and took reference pictures to go by. I think this will be one of my entries in our fall art show.

Hiding from Mom at early Church this morning. Maurice and had Nursery Duty!

Went to a new doctor's office this past week. They definitely care for more than the physical!

We were inspired! Thought it was just beautiful! Will see you after vacation then it will be Fall! Yeah!!. Hope you'll visit my other blog:  and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on facebook.

Friday, August 8, 2014


This quote was requested by a customer. I really liked it so I designed a 3rd style for it!

My friend Mary Lou Weidman's quilt inspired this board.

I embroidered this saying years ago as little miniatures for myself and friends.

This saying "Packs a Punch" I think!

Would make a sweet little gift for someone don't you think?

I imagine a sentiment expressed by many!

Other words,  Don't sit around and wait! Do something!

Chocolate makes everything better!

Captured my "tickle bone"!

Yeah! I believe this!

Hard at work in the middle of everything! My style!

"Go Go Girls + 1 helping me fold and address and stamp entry forms for my Harrisonville Fine Arts Association group! They helped me get them out on time! Great Friends!

Helping the 1st and 2nd grades with crafts in Bible School

Husband Maurice and I acted as Rovers taking them from class to class.

"Life goes on" even when you lose a tooth!

A great "Show & Tell" experience!

My Zinnias are blooming their heads off, so I'm sharing with all my friends! Hope you are enjoying your summer. I invite you to visit my other blog and facebook  Marlynne Snare Folk Artist.