Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Ink with Acrylic paint was used on my Zentangle design. Started this on the way to or from The Augusta Plein Air Retreat 2014. Finished it last night!

Had fun with all kinds of mediums in this one!

Colored Pencils was used on this one. Lucas, Kansas is where a collection of my art is on display seasonally

I enjoy writing poetry also and have included many of them in this homemade journal.

When I first started this book I decided I would feature the 2 sides of my personality! This is the FOLK ART SIDE.

The opposite page features a poem about my "Folk Art Side".

And 'The Victorian Side"

Poem about that!

Decoupage page  featuring  poem "I Love My Garden"

 And this is the cover of my Homemade Art Journal which @Skip Mathews, son of good friend@ Hope Mathews taught us how to make.  Happy Days! might also enjoy my other blog 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My blog friend@ Erin of "The  Painted Garden" encouraged me to try my paintings on these small canvases. And it is great fun! She said they make great shelf art and can be tucked in anywhere!  So this is my new fun project for 2016! Thanks Erin!

I bring the geraniums inside every fall and they bloom beautifully in My Art Studio window

You can see grandson Davey's Tree house (when he was little) outside the window! Hope you are all finding something new and fun to try in 2016  also!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


My blog friend Mary Lou Weidman of  "Mary Lou and Whimsy Too" had a cute sun quilt block that got my juices flowin! So I'm been making all kinds. I will mount them on cardboard and maybe embroidery the word "SHINE" on them and then share them around

This is how the project started! But the pile (piles) have grown considerably!

I started out with the lager size

But am enjoying the smaller size now!

I am hand appliqueing these!

More material ready!

The kitchen Chandelier is ready for valentines Day! I have red lights up there too, I see I need to hide the orange ones!
Decided I use Chickens & Birds on my Shelf since I had mad a new Bird Hanging for the Refrigerator.

I did this painting a couple of years ago while we were staying in a delightful Log Cabin in Augusta, Mo.

I had set this pot of "Paper Whites" to the back of the flowers after it bloomed last year and forgot about it  until a few days ago when I  decided I would water it. And lo and behold it started sending up shots right after that!

The Raggedy's have a timely message for you!

Great Grandson Eli spent the night recently and was sporting his new glow in the dark PJ's from his Grandma in Hawaii! Grandpa tells Tasha all the time she's got the best seat in the house! My (Our) project for this year is to refinish our old wide board floors. After 40+ years they are needing it! Hope your doing well and enjoying what ever season you are in! You might enjoy my other blog too: