Friday, March 27, 2015


Using up some of my fabric and lace "Stash".

Getting ready to plant violas!

The next day we had 1 1/2" size hail!

Didn't hurt anything! We were lucky!

Found 3 old quilt pieces that I'm going to make some more birds out of. Like this blue bird on top!

I'm collecting old dollies to use as decoration on a wearable piece of art! A jacket, tunic, shawl or something!

A different "Pitcher Potholder" for my collection.

My newest Tomie dePaola book. Next will be one on Anthony!  Happy Spring Friends!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Such Fun! I purchased this handmade creation "Reckless Necklace" from a fantastic 3-Dim Artist/Teacher Extraordinaire last summer at The Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas. My neighbor and I were fortunate to be able to take a workshop with her in Mosaics.  Some of my art is also on display there.

Just wearing the Necklace makes for a party!

I've had so much fun creating these "Funny Fowl" quilt blocks!

These are the last ones! now I'm ready to pick the fabric strips to go between the blocks and the backing/binding. I'm thinking Black with white polka dots and solid black. We'll see!

We were encouraged to paint an historical building for an art contest at our Art League this next meeting. I decided on painting my two childhood homes. This was my first one in the  late 30's and early 40's in K.C., Mo. I can still remember a bright sunny front room with doilies on the back of all the chairs (which I still do) and a big Snowball Bush on one side of the house and a Lilac on the other!

My second childhood is no longer standing. I lived here from the early 1940's to 1955 when I graduated from High School and married my husband of 60 years this Aug. 26th. I have many memories of this home! Racking up leaves in the side yard and making forts. Where I lost my Amethyst birthstone ring never to find again! When I was about 15  Daddy and Mother purchased the vacant lot next to our side yard. It was covered in small trees and underbrush. That summer I decided I wanted to turn it into a park. So with my  Daddy's hand saw, gloves and  strong determination, I accomplished it. An added benefit was  slimmed  down body!

Finally purchased the frames for these 3 Spring paintings. They are now on display at different location in the area.

This is a "throw back Thursday" photo of our grandson Davey and his fort in about 2008.

This is an old photo of our "Go Go Girls + 1" Around 2008 also. Hope you are enjoying the soon arrival of Spring also! Blessings!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


At our last Art League Meeting we all painted a 2 1/2"X3 1/2" Artist Trading cards. They were then gathered, given a number and then each Artist drew out a number and took the card with the number they drew  home with them. Ir was great fun! The one I painted is the "Proud Lady #1 I drew "Barn & Silo" #8.
Fellow Artists busy painting!

We had a time limit!

Sorority Sisters attended the Dinner Theater production of "Clue".  Our sorority sister Linda in the red dress was super as usual!

Sister Judy stayed over to attend also!

Cast posing for pictures.
The "Go Go Girls + 1" celebrating February birthdays at Jack Stack Barbecue. I was one of those February Birthdays!

"Friends are a gift you give yourself" Mary Ruth and I celebrating our February Birthdays.

Have made a few more new "Out of the Box" Birds/Chickens.

It's so much fun!

I actually have 10 done now with 6 more to go!

Have the undercoat on ready to sketch on my childhood home painting.

Spring and Winter Bumped heads this year!

all our snow came very late this year!

Well the snow didn't come in on the back porch, but more firewood did!

Back door Spring Wreath.

Black Callie needs more attention since her Momma died.  But she still has one Kitty friend though! Hope everything is going well in your world!