Thursday, December 29, 2016


I have enjoyed creating little 5"X7"  Christmas Fabric Quilted  Pictures while being with sister Judy during her Radiation/Chemo treatments. This one I entitled "Three Kings of the Forest"

"Kittens Christmas"

"Childrens Christmas of Yesteryear"

After Christmas sales gave me more supplies for next year!

"All is Calm all is Bright"

"Frolicking Snowmen"

"Have a Berry Merry Christmas"

And lastly: "Cardinal Christmas"

I always buy a new/old Christmas book each year. This years "A Cup of Christmas Tea" has a powerful message!

This was a  favorite re-read of years past!1

Our 2016 Christmas picture with son Paul

And a group hug with Tracee, Paul, and Jasper. Wishing you the best of the last of 2016 and a great new 2017!

Friday, December 16, 2016


She is helping to spread cheer as she greets us while sitting in the greenery on our  seasonal shelf in the kirchen

I have a collection of black babies in the pool room but she's getting special attention this year, even sporting a holly neck piece!

I've want some vintage German glitter for sometime! Finally ordered some  thru Amazon even though it was not on sale!

I'm sure enjoying  my new little Christmas Village this year on the top shelf of the old kitchen desk!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Not only is sister Judy sick but husband Maurice also! I've got some Christmas up for me anyway! This is our Kitchen Table with my Christmas Raggedy Ann and Holly Fabric picture on my Christmas Rose Quilt

This Christmas Tree Banner was made last year

My black baby shelf gets different lights for  each season.

Our Dining Room Table. I keep forgetting to look for another white bird!

This little red kitchen tree is our only tree put up this year!

I enjoy this little display on the dining room buffet. The painting was my Christmas Card a couple of years back.

This is my oldest Christmas Tradition! This years HomeMade Christmas Card marks 42 years! I started in 1974.

Outside the front door.

Front yard. I enjoyed real flowers in the big pot this summer

Christmas wreaths on each side of the driveway

Old Father Christmas survived a vandalism of him and  the mail box last year and is out again!

Front Porch Christmas Pillow.

Back porch decorations.

Little Happy Scare-a-Crow has a change of clothes for each seasons. But alas, needed them washed this year!

We just light the porch these days. The step stool is the over 80 way in getting them turned on and off this year! As a side note this is our 40th year on the farm in our ranch home we built ourselves!

By the back entrance to the porch.

What we see outside out Kitchen Window. Also the setting for out Christmas Card painting this year. 

Our Blue Bottle Garden in the winter.

I keep this little shiny tree up all year in my Art Studio. It makes me Happy!

This is our kitchen window shelf arrangement over the sink. It makes me Smile!

Our old electric lantern with red globe on the kitchen counter is turned on each day.

Our seasonal shelf in the kitchen has one of the Christmas Tree Garlands that I made this year for family and friends. Plus the red and white polka dot cups and pitcher sister Judy gave me several years ago.

Found the Christmas Tree platter this year at a thrift store.

I just loved these luncheon plates so got 8 of them for friend Karen for her Birthday and Christmas gift.

This years  homemade Christmas card.  42nd. year!

Did something different this year! I had some stamps made also as well as the copies for the cards.

This is my  painting used for this years card

180 of them all ready for addressed envelopes!

We enjoyed an overnight with great grandson Eli.this weekend. He found this game of Matching Christmas Cards in his Treasure box along with another dollar. He's finally getting so he knows to check the box (a sewing footstool in the front room) each time he comes  for a new treasure!

I'm not very good at Selfies! Need more practice!

Our sweet friend Robin was so happy recently with this painting I did several years ago. She has put it in her Nest (Playhouse)

Sister Judy was very happy with the little painting I did of her precious dog Victoria  for her 75th Birthday recently.

Assembly line of the Christmas Tree Garlands.

Seven per garland. 22 garlands in all!  No Santa's this year!

Our doggie Tasha is warm, happy and contented in front of the kitchen stove. Hope you have found a warm and happy place too!