Sunday, February 24, 2013


The theme for this years Ladies Tea is  "Order My Steps" so of course we will have lots of shoes for the decorations as well as well as the Invitations and Programs which are my responsibility. I made 170 of these shoes to and out. They say: Order My Steps Ladies Tea  April13, 2013  Baptist Church 2:00P.M. and on the back an invitation to join in fellowship, food and fun. I forgot to take a picture of the 4 different colored program covers I turned  in for printing. 

"The artist is in Residence" almost every day! I've decided I would plug in my red lights that outline the entrance to my studio when "The Artist is in Residence"!

Everybody is interested when Grandpa is doing something with the stove. Tasha our part Corgi/Terrier  was left down by the bridge, just a tiny little bundle, 2 years ago this past December. Of course we couldn't leave her there for the coyotes to find! She is grandpas walking partner and lap sitter now.

Great Grandson, Eli is learning how to do Grandpas job too!

Isn't this just priceless?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good friend Hope and I had a special day learning how to make Journals from scratch with her son Skip as our teacher. This day was my birthday gift from Hope. How neat it was! We started about 10:00 am and finished about 4:30p.m. with time out for lunch in his beautiful Sunroom/Studio  that he designed and built himself. Hope had the lunch menu all planned so we stopped at Price Chopper on the way over to pick up the selected items.

Hope working away  with her son Skip guiding the process.

We decided there must be about 8 -10 steps in making our journals. Skip had the supplies all laid out and ready for us to make selections. That saved several more steps and a great deal of time.
Here we are with our Masterpieces!  We both talked about using these special journals to record our poetry. Mine will also have embellishments  like: paint, lace, ribbon and copies of old photos. I plan to do some on the cover also.  We were all very  tired when we got through, but were really pleased with our accomplishments!  Thank You so much Skip!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sister Judy gave me this very old Sock Money to add to my collection. But he is now my very favorite and spends his time setting on my studio table along with this jar of cut off ends from my banners which hang across the Entrance of the Studio
Another Valentine Greeting! This little vignette is in a corner by the T.V. (Makes the flat T.V. look better!.)  The little overhauls and shirt are our Greatgrandson waiting for another visit, the tennis shoes were our Grandsons who is now 12. The precious little red dress & shoes and valentine box were my Birthday present a week ago from Judy.
When I went Mon. night to Art League Meeting at the Library, this old file cabinet was out in the hall with a For Sale $7.00 sign. I just had to have it Moving the heavy thing and getting the space ready for it was no easy job!  I told Maurice that would be my Valentine Gift from him! I can't wait to get it organized! I wanted to paint it Gloss Red but it really doesn't look bad so time will tell! We have it setting right outside the opening of my Studio.
I hadn't done any "Abandonment Art" for awhile and was feeling guilty, so this is what I did. I hear a quote the other day "You can never have to many Birthday Cakes or Smiles" son that spurred this idea of using some of my Christmas Card leftover prints as Valentines with that quote on the back as well as a Valentine Greeting. The written paper shows what I put with whatever art I Abandon. This is a great project, If your interested go to:  You might be interested in my new Folk Art site at www.facebook.comMarlynneSnareFolkArtist  Hope I'm not boring you to death but I do have one more art blog: 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Designing  12"x12" Quilt Blocks for a Home Quilt to hang in my studio. This English Cottage is my favorite so far
I'm using different fabrics or combination of fabrics on each one.

I plan to use some black or dark navy fabric on each one for continuity and use black strips between the blocks.  This is the first block I created, using the block below as a guide.

This precious and "Neat"  Mini Christmas Quilt Block was made for me by blogger friend, Ellen on ellengetscrafty blog in 2011. I will include it in my quilt also.

Here are three blocks in different stages. I form the 3+layer foundation (back fabric which also wraps around as it's binding, low loft batting in the middle and a variety of top fabrics) Then I machine stitch(regular stitch allover it, using different styles on each fabric)  It is so fun picking out the different fabrics for backround and house and trees!  Hope you'll give this a try. Making just one for a mini wall hanging or pillow top would give you a taste of the experience!