Sunday, February 24, 2013


The theme for this years Ladies Tea is  "Order My Steps" so of course we will have lots of shoes for the decorations as well as well as the Invitations and Programs which are my responsibility. I made 170 of these shoes to and out. They say: Order My Steps Ladies Tea  April13, 2013  Baptist Church 2:00P.M. and on the back an invitation to join in fellowship, food and fun. I forgot to take a picture of the 4 different colored program covers I turned  in for printing. 

"The artist is in Residence" almost every day! I've decided I would plug in my red lights that outline the entrance to my studio when "The Artist is in Residence"!

Everybody is interested when Grandpa is doing something with the stove. Tasha our part Corgi/Terrier  was left down by the bridge, just a tiny little bundle, 2 years ago this past December. Of course we couldn't leave her there for the coyotes to find! She is grandpas walking partner and lap sitter now.

Great Grandson, Eli is learning how to do Grandpas job too!

Isn't this just priceless?


Debbie said...

Great photos! I like the idea of the shoes.

Sandra Kaye said...

Super cute tea cards!!! Love them!!

lynn cockrell said...

Your little heels look great. They will suit your theme perfectly. Don't you love decorating for tea parties?

Dorothy said...

Yes, they are priceless! Love it. And I'm so happy your rescued the little corgi too! Love your shoes you made, too cute!
Have a great weekend,