Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I decided to start the journal with pages showing the two sides of my personality, and writing a poem about each one. This is the " Folk Art " side. As you can see lots of bright primary colors!

I was inspired by Sandra Kaye's pages she did at a recent  "Art Romp" with teachers Teesha & Tracy Moore. Oh what fun they had!

The poem which describes My Folk Art Style.

You can guess I'm sure! My other personality side is "Victorian" .

I used a solid colored piece of paper as my base, then added scrap book scraps plus paper that I painted with a variety of colors. Then painted the profile on cut out pieces of hand painted paper.

The poem page. The Victorian side is featured first in the Journal.

I cut out a bunch of 3 7/8" squares then laid a solid color face down on a print one. Drew a line from one point to the other in the center. Then sewed down 1/4th inch on each side of the line, then cut along the center drawn line making 2 half square triangles.

My finished runner has 5 squares across and 17 down the length., note:  I made about half the squares one piece. I tied on the points with red embroidered thread.  My runner measures  16" wide and 52" long. I will use the runner  part of the time across the top of my Studio File Cabinet and sometimes on the kitchen table.
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Anonymous said...

O look at you go! great artistic expression in your journal pages!
Making a quilt is such a labor of love, isn't it. Wow!

ellen gets crafty said...

I love your journal pages - what a great idea!

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your first pages Marlynne!!!... And the runner you made is gorgeous too!! ~tina

lynn cockrell said...

Marlynne, your journal is so wonderful! I'm glad you shared it and the pretty runner. Many thanks.