Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Was at the Dollar Tree last week, and there was my inspiration! I'd been wanting to try dyeing some ribbon, lace and fabrics and here was a dollar box just waiting for my next project!

I gathered enough fabrics, ribbons and lace to try in each of the colors of dye.

It was so fun to see how different the fabrics and laces looked in each color!

I think this rose color was my favorite!

This fuchsia color was the most striking!

Green fabrics drying in the sun on the enclosed back porch.

Here's what I used the fabrics and ribbons for! This months "Tag Trade" lead my Marilou Bain. The theme was Gypsies, Caravans or Fortune Tellers.

This is the one I am keeping for me!

Blue Gypsy Fairy.

I used as a back round for some of them, some paper towels that I brushed randomly with different colored watered down acrylic paint and let dry. Two other Gypsy Tags did not move over to this post , but you can see them in the group picture.  I also have 9 more of these tags about ready for our Sorority Cottage Party next week. The theme is" Italian " I  will do a post showing all the festivities soon!


Beansieleigh said...

(gasp!).. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your beautiful gypsy tags, Marlynne! I am SO INSPIRED to try my own, if that's o.k.!.. Maybe a little Irish girl for St. Patrick's Day?... Beautiful work, and LOVE all your beautiful colors today! I'll have to remember NOT to throw away the dyes, after coloring my eggs this year. I think I might even have just the right sized canning jars to save them in! ~tina

lynn cockrell said...

How smart you are to use Easter egg dye to color fabric! I never thought of that, but it certainly makes sense because if you've ever splashed any on anything you didn't intend to dye, it certainly isn't easy to get it out. Your gypsy tags are totally awesome.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Wow, you had it going on with all that dye! I LOVE those tags you made, awesome!!