Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Remember Noxzema? The jars still live!

I've purchased a lot of 36" re-bar poles to put in ground for my blue bottles as well as on trees
Some hang from tree branches
Made a bright pillow covering . Just lasts one season, but that's enough!
Old Wheel Barrel full of pinks!
Flower Bed is in bloom all the time!
Found " Samantha" at the Thrift Store this week. Isn't she a sweetie?

This little cutie followed me home from Cracker Barrel  Memorial Day
 The mural in the church nursery is finish!  I signed "God painted, I just held the brush"  That was so true!
Little Folk Art Caravan Quilt Blocks I'm working on for my Fall Art Show Story Quilt, as well as wall decorations for my Art Studio
Got my inspiration from Jamie Fingal in her article in the june/july 2013 issue of Mary Jane Farms Magazine
Received some "Random Acts Of Kindness" this week from two sweet gals. This is a ACEO Original Art Trade Card from a new friend  in Creston, N.Car. She said they are having a lot of flooding there and mail service is very slow and that she had to drive 20 miles to get the stamps to mail it!. So neat she did this special thing for me!

I always manage to get something out of  order!  These little flowers are called  "Ruched Floral Pins  The Tutorial for making them is on  on April 18, 2012  I'm having fun making them!
Then a special friend Donna sent me some"yummy smelling" Wax Candle Bars and 2 precious vintage greeting cards! I must get busy and keep the random acts flowing!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Got this littlle salt shaker for $0.50 and decided it needed fabric flowers!
Doesn't it look cute on my little red shelf I got at Donna's Vintage Daze Antiques in Tipton, Mo. One of my favorite places to shop when going on a trip that direction. I covered the three old spools with fabric also. The little trike picture I painted on a piece of wood a couple of years ago. And my little Art Flower Car is a favorite too!
Here is how I started.
This little bird is close to the back door, which is the door evetybody uses!
Red and Yellow my favorite colors especially  when used together! I've made lots of wood Folk art Flowers,
This back of the porch will look so much better when we get it stained and the guttering up and trim painted! I hang this painting here every summer, it weathers great under the overhang!  When the guttering gets up then  the ground cover will move on back towards the wall and fill that bare area up too!

I put this picture on my Marlynne Folk Artist Facebook Site and said: Marlynne Marlynne Folk Art Baron(s)  How does your garden grow?  With Metal Flowers in Iron Bed Towers and Multi-Colors  all a-glow.
After all my trees got cut down in this corner (we won't go into why!) I was looking for some wooden fence  to kind  of make a  little private corner again and I found just what I wanted at Vintage Daze in Tipton, Mo. again!  Love You Donna and your shop! Look her up ! she's right on 50 hwy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Have 5 Original Artist Trade Cards (2.5"x3.5") ready to try on 1 week auctions on E-Bay, Folk Art. 

This is my first offering. "Jenny & Henny Penny" All of the paintings are of things in my personal collection, and are displayed in our home.

The 2nd auction week I will submit "Gingham Dog & Calico Cat". My mother made these years ago, and I always loved them. Now they set in my little wagon on an old wooden trunk in my studio.

These little Black Daytime/Nighttime Stuffed Dolls were a lot of fun to make. They are on my shelf in the pool room along with many of their friends.  This little acrylic painting will be offered week 3.

These are the "Gingham Dog & Calico Cat" that I made. Will have to think of another name for this little painting. What do you suggest?

I really like these Folk Art Chickens and use them in the kitchen and in my studio. I did a 8"X10" painting also.I just love it ! This is called "The Three Chicks" If you wanted to know more about these Artist Trade Cards there is a link to them on Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on Facebook.