Monday, February 16, 2015


Mary Lou Weidman "Story Book Quilter" is such an inspiration to me! She's always showing something I want to make!  Since I was snowed in today I declared it a free day, and I had fun making my own version of her birds!

Since I didn't have any directions I just did what seemed logical to me!

Since I have variety of stuffed birds in my art studio I decide a Bird Quilt for the back of the sofa would be a nice addition!

I have a black stuffed crow too to go along with this bird block!

Our neighbor torn down a shed the other day and offered me some of the barn siding so of course I said yes!

I've got a pile cut up for painting more art pieces to hang down at Kurzweilds. I'm so fortunate to have such a neat location to display and sell my art!  We finally got a good 4 and a half inches of snow today, but I'm still taking down Valentine decorations and putting up SPRING! Yeah!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Church Valentine Banquet tonight. We put on our shiny shirts and had us a good time!

Since six of our Sorority Sisters were there we decided it would be fun to have our picture together too!

The entertainment was excellent It was The Rutlader Cowboy Church Band from Louisburg, Kansas.  The delicious meal was catered by HyVee and served by our youth and excellent kitchen committee Our own Susan Foster Page was the  emcee and  entertained us with 4 pages of insightful fun!  It was a well  planned and  very enjoyable evening!

My Beta Sigma Phi Sisters made Valentines for one of our local Health Facilities

Many of them had not been this creative since school days!

We ended up with about 25 cards.

Maurice,  sister Judy and I enjoyed my Birthday weekend at Big Cedar Lodge and Ozark.

The views are just beautiful!

From every direction!

The new Chapel was beautiful especially on the night tour!

This Surprise Birthday Cake was waiting for me in our room. A Fun Weekend!