Saturday, April 25, 2015


I saw a booth table and bench set years ago at an Antique Mall.  And I passed it up because I didn't think there was anyplace I could use it. I've never forgotten it either! So when I saw this one their was no second thoughts! I had to have it even though we were out of town with only our van! But my patient husband made it work!

We put it right in the middle of our enclosed back porch (I thought it would need a cozy wall area) And I just love it!!

We initiated it this morning with a pancake breakfast!

The selfie didn't do so hot!

I've had to take a break on cross block making even though it's great fun! My Ladies Tea project is taking all my time! Will show them next post!

I attended a Watercolor Workshop by Barbara Neff last Saturday

There were about 12 of us hard workin arists!

These are my paintings: " Vivid Cabbage Roses" and-

"Sweet Wildflowers"  Hope you're enjoying your spring!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I Sewed five Yo Yo's together making flowers in two different sizes

Then tacked a strip of cotton lace on the back for stability

I really like it with my white peasant blouse.

But since it was a "Blue Party" I was wearing it to first I added the blue shirt! I like it that way too!

Years ago this article came out in one of my magazines. I cut it out and stuck it in my to do file.  I've  enjoyed  reread it may times thru the years with plans to try making some.

I just loved her little homespun fabric pictures!

Then while browsing Amazon Used Books  I saw this interesting book on making fabric pictures so decided to order it. Imagine my surprise when I realized this was  the same Janet Bolten from my stashed away article!  "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!".

Isn't this cute?

I can see making this Cherry Panel into a sign for Marlynne's Art Studio or A "Cherry" Welcome for the kitchen to go along with my new/old Cherry Pottery!  Fun Fun!  That's all for now! Have yourself a "Cherry Day"!.