Sunday, June 21, 2015


The Dining Room Table is ready for my Cousins Reunion here on the 4th of July.
Replaced the sofa pillows to the Summer Geranium ones. I painted the geraniums on canvas cloth and sewed them on to gingham years ago. I always enjoy using  them in the summer!

Mother crocheted  this "1976" afghan and I always said someday I want this for our home which we build and moved into in 1976.

No matter the season one of my happy sock monkeys sits in my chair in the front room

Patriotic touch to the dining room garland.

My biggest Teddy Bear has the honor of being The Flag Bearer!

I finished this Sunbonnet Sue Wall Hanging for the Grand kids room recently.

The Stars hanging on the kitchen chandelier  are a new addition this year. I drew a star on cardboard to fit the 5"X5" fabric pieces, then cut a double piece plus a batting piece and sewed them together with string in a running stitch leaving enough string for  hanging.

Then with the scrap pieces left---

I overlapped them on a piece of muslin in the shape of a heart and free motioned sewed them on the muslin  Then on to a blue cloth outlining with red ball fringe, made a pillow back and got me a patriotic pillow for our old "Uncle Earl Rocking Chair in the Kitchen.
And a Happy "Independence Day" One and All!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Loved this old red refrig. at the ice cream/ barbecue shoppe!

Such a cute & happy place!

And oh wow was it good!

Me- Beef, Chips and Chocolate Milkshake. He- Chicken, Chips and  Homemade Ice Cream (1 scoop Lemon and 1 scoop Peanut Butter)

 I ask if they had a list of flavors, so I could share with you. She said ," no because they change the flavors all the time" Wow! What about that Creme Brulee flavor!
They had about 12-14 flavors when we were there!

Little red table and chairs outside and Beautiful Red Geranium Planters!

Such a fun and creative shop!

 I picked up some really cool  ideas!

Loved their fabric swag too!

They even had an old Candy Counter!

The owner had a neat Aqua Refrig too!. It works! She keeps her lunch in it!

Sadly I had to leave these 3 old fence sections behind as they wouldn't fit in out van! We tried!  And they were only $15.00 each!  Boo!!

My treasures from the trip!

The little quilt has found it's home already! I will back it in old muslin and bind it in red later!  Hope you are finding some fun new places too!