Sunday, March 24, 2013


Another stay at home snow day! so as I'd been thinking about "dollin" up the light fixture, this is what I came up with!

We even went to church in this but it had been cancelled!

I took these pictures in the afternoon after some of the snow had melted. Grandson Davey's Tree House looks so picturesque!

Before the magic!

Sometime back I had made a lot of these fabric "Bow Tie Pastas" as a blogger friend called them, so decided to string them. I had these hearts from another project. I like the way it turned out. I just painted white polka-dots on the fan blades

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Look What I bought for me on our Spring Shopping Trip!
This is my First Day of Spring painting which is the bouquet of flowers on our kitchen table. Recognize the banner? I covered the "Be My Valentine" and have a greeting that is good all year! The patchwork runner found it's new home on top of my art file cabinet.
"The Girls" celebrated Spring with and outing  in Kansas City, Mo. and Lunch at Andreas Tea Room.

Great Grandson Eli and Grandpa at Fantastic Sams getting shaped up for Spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Was at the Dollar Tree last week, and there was my inspiration! I'd been wanting to try dyeing some ribbon, lace and fabrics and here was a dollar box just waiting for my next project!

I gathered enough fabrics, ribbons and lace to try in each of the colors of dye.

It was so fun to see how different the fabrics and laces looked in each color!

I think this rose color was my favorite!

This fuchsia color was the most striking!

Green fabrics drying in the sun on the enclosed back porch.

Here's what I used the fabrics and ribbons for! This months "Tag Trade" lead my Marilou Bain. The theme was Gypsies, Caravans or Fortune Tellers.

This is the one I am keeping for me!

Blue Gypsy Fairy.

I used as a back round for some of them, some paper towels that I brushed randomly with different colored watered down acrylic paint and let dry. Two other Gypsy Tags did not move over to this post , but you can see them in the group picture.  I also have 9 more of these tags about ready for our Sorority Cottage Party next week. The theme is" Italian " I  will do a post showing all the festivities soon!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I decided to start the journal with pages showing the two sides of my personality, and writing a poem about each one. This is the " Folk Art " side. As you can see lots of bright primary colors!

I was inspired by Sandra Kaye's pages she did at a recent  "Art Romp" with teachers Teesha & Tracy Moore. Oh what fun they had!

The poem which describes My Folk Art Style.

You can guess I'm sure! My other personality side is "Victorian" .

I used a solid colored piece of paper as my base, then added scrap book scraps plus paper that I painted with a variety of colors. Then painted the profile on cut out pieces of hand painted paper.

The poem page. The Victorian side is featured first in the Journal.

I cut out a bunch of 3 7/8" squares then laid a solid color face down on a print one. Drew a line from one point to the other in the center. Then sewed down 1/4th inch on each side of the line, then cut along the center drawn line making 2 half square triangles.

My finished runner has 5 squares across and 17 down the length., note:  I made about half the squares one piece. I tied on the points with red embroidered thread.  My runner measures  16" wide and 52" long. I will use the runner  part of the time across the top of my Studio File Cabinet and sometimes on the kitchen table.
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