Friday, March 17, 2017


Such a pretty bottle tree at our friend Barb Smith's "Vienna Woods Bed & Breakfast!"

Out newest beautiful business in Harrisonville Mo.: The Brick House Coffee Bar and Eatery. We love it!

I had this painting of mine that had gone through the Kurzweild fire and survived. I was going to put it in the Library Atrium display but just felt like I'd like to give it to the new business as a welcome gift. Imagine my surprise when the owners wife came running out of the kitchen with a big hug and saying I can't believe you did this! You are my favorite artist, I look at you work all the time, I even called you once to try and buy a painting that you didn't want to sell, and I couldn't talk you into selling it! I just said I guess it was meant to be!

Good Ole Joe in his new forever home!

And she wants more art to sell on  this wall, so I've got to get busy!

I'm enjoying using twinkle lights in vases.

My Spring Seasonal Banner for the Refrig.

I got smart and made the banner reversible (Valentines is on the other side)

Decided I wanted a Spring (Yellow) lampshade, so made one I could just slip on and off!

Found a new pair of fun bling sandals at the thrift store. Brand New!

I'm lovin the Pioneer Woman products now!

Mixin up meatloaf with Pioneer Woman bowls!

Mary Lou's newest book.

And my newest evening obsession! Makin  Hoochy Two-chy blocks for a "Poochie's & Polka Dots" Story Quilt which will probably be one of my entries in the Fall Art Show

Sister Judy gave me this Folk Art Lady years ago.  I have enjoyed her on my screened in back porch. But now in her second life she has moved in to my art table as my Art Muse. Isn't she cute!

I do need to clean my table off!  Good thing I can work among the clutter!

 Art ready for The Brick Coffee Shop! 19"X23" "Rise & Shine"

 Little 5''X5"Shelf / Hanging Art Paintings  "Happy Geraniums".

5"x5"  "Happy Violets"

My sweet husband Maurice, and doggie, Tasha. both enjoying the wood stove. Maurice tells her all the time she's got the best seat in the house!  Notice Maurice has the sacred remote in his hand! Ha Ha! Hope your enjoying the "Good Life"  too! Remember to check out my second blog too:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Cute Cat Planter front and center on our "Spring" kitchen table.

Shows a little bit more of the table.

I really like our our "Spring" dining room table arrangement too!

Having fun with the twinkle lights in pitchers

Put some spring greenery over my "Childhood Easter Memories" painting.
Yellow Duckies came out to play too!

Celebrating our 62nd. ENGAGEMENT Anniversary.

63 years ago!

And our long awaited gift to each other!

More Spring Yellow!  Blessings on you all!  You might enjoy my second blog: also.