Thursday, February 18, 2016


Stopped at The Dollar Tree and got the last 3 sprigs of Daffodils they had! Evidently some others are anxious too!

Got out the blue cloth and found more Daffodils!

The way the wind is blowing I'm surprised I was able to get a picture of the flag! Yes I've put out a lot of my blue bottles too!

Hyacinths coming up by the brick walk to the back door.

See the buds?

Grape Hyacinths and Crocus leaves,  promise of flowers to come!

As the song goes....I must have done something good!  I received another surprise package in the mail yesterday from my blog friend Linda Michael. This beautiful Spring Colors Charm pack by Fabric/Quilting Artist Eleanor Burns.  How Fun!! Linda not only gives surprise gifts but she writes letters to people that can't get out much.  As she lives out in the country 30 miles any direction from a place to shop people depend on their Post Office. She says she is doing her best to keep it in business!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Linda  for not only for your kindness shown to me but to all the others you encourage! God Bless You!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Such a fun surprise from my blog friend Susan Gannon! A package full of  old fabric pieces picked out just for me!  Just Love these chickens!

A darling tablecloth piece ready to hem!

Another precious cherry fabric to add to my collection! Remember I have Cherry kitchen dishes too!

Sweet blue and white check which I have in out kitchen also!

I couldn't resist this material at Walmart the other day!  My favorite color combination and cherries too!

I love the Bohemian Style too, so this new magazine jumped right in my shopping cart!

Another special blog friend Rebecca Gates surprised me with this Miss Read book for my Birthday.  I love her books and I had not read this one. So fun!!

I enjoy ordering charm packs of fabric from The Missouri. Star Quilt Company. In fact I didn't realize but I had ordered this one twice!

Such darling prints. I purchased some solid green to go with it and have made the quilt top. Will; show the completed quilt when I get done!
My Birthday is still being Celebrated! Today I received this neat brown shoulder bag, yummy chocolate popcorn and book marker from my Sorority Secret Sister.

I finally decided to try and find a place for this "Starlightz" which I bought a couple of years ago while on vacation. It is a neat heavy paper beautifully painted star with punched out holes covered with colored paper for the light to shine thru. This is a earth friendly product made in India to help their people earn money.

I have it hanging over the pool table in my art studio area right now. Next I might try it on the back porch or enclosed porch off the kitchen!   33 more days till Spring!  But who's counting. You might also enjoy my second blog:  Bye for now friends!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Love Birthdays! We started off with Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and enjoying the fire in the big fireplace!

Sister Judy came carrying  a beautifully wrapped gift!

"Sisters Two"

Inside that beautiful package was this Old Violet Plate of Mothers which was a great sacrifice for Judy to give up! She thought I should have it since Violets are my Birthday Flower. I will treasure it not only because it was Mother's but because of Judy's sacrifice for me! The old violet postcards are neat too! Two of them are family cards!

This gorgeous piece of cloth will cover a stool or chair seat. With scrapes used for book markers. The background is more golden than the picture shows, even prettier!

Love this bracelet from Judy, Gorgeous Eternity Ring from Maurice and Yummy "Tommy Girl" perfume from special friend Rose Marie

We had such a nice early dinner at Olive Garden with our  family that is still in the area. Cassie, Tyler and Michail all called with Birthday Greetings! So nice of them to remember my special day!

Granddaughter Jackie did some big time shopping for grandma! So pretty!!

Maurice knows my favorite magazine. The new issue had just come out on the news stands!

I like to make my birthday celebrating last as long as I can! Have something to look forward to from son, Paul an grandson Davey.

 Well here we are in our coordinated outfits ready to face the new year! Friend Karen got me the brown vest for my birthday. So Pretty!  Blessings on you dear blog friends! You might enjoy my blog also!