Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was wanted a little red on my sofa so decided I'd paint some geraniums (one of my favorite flowers) on canvas paper & then sew  a border of green & white check around it.  This worked! So then all I had to do was cut out a back of the checked material , sew them right sides together leaving a space for stuffing and "Ta Da"!


On a trip a couple of years ago I decided I'd try making some needlepoint pillows. I drew out the design on a piece of graph paper.  Next determined the center of the design  and the center of the needlepoint canvas and just started!  It was great fun and I really enjoy them in the great room.

Monday, August 29, 2011


My friend Linda has "A Hat Room". As  birthday surprise I took a piece of thin wood and painted this picture of hats for her door, wall or setting out somewhere. I haven't seen where she put it yet!


These fabric flowers were made by running a stitch by hand around a LARGE fabric circle, pulling  it tight,,then flattening it out, and  sewing a button in the middle.  I glue gunned them on to small tree branches , along with  handmade fabric leaves and put them in a container that had some sand in the bottom. The flowers are on the little table outside my studio door.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I call this "MY FOUR SEASONS SELF PORTRAIT".  It was vacation time and I always take "projects" to work on in the car while traveling and in the motel rooms at night. This time I took a bunch of little  boards to paint on. I thought O.K. I'll look at myself in the mirror and paint a fun little self portrait.  Then decided to try the four seasons! But what to do with them? I found I had a frame almost perfect for all of them!  I sawed a little off the sides, touched up the paint and glued  them on another piece of wood the size of the frame, painted the frame, and I had another "Favorite" painting!


I recently painted this memory of  "MY CHILDHOOD HOME" at 4319 Euclid in K. C., Mo.  It was the year in 1955 that Mother & Daddy purchased the lot next door to our home.  I spent the whole summer cutting down small trees & clearing the lot to make our own "park"!


I  have quite a collection of  "Raggedys ". I especially like the handmade ones!  I enjoy making different outfits for them. Note the little boy with tie.  I enjoy setting up little vignettes with them too! This one is in my studio.


Got this idea in a Cloth Paper & Sissors Magazine. Had fun with my fabric scrapes creating this colorful sign!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I love to use colored bottles in the yard!  Found this pole holder at the thrift  store. Added nails & bottles. Neat garden sculpture!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"CAN SHE BAKE A CHERRY PIE BILLY BOY BILLY BOY"?  Some of you will remember this childrens song of the 40's & 50's. Since Cherry Pie is one of my very favorites this song comes into my mind now & then.  These little fabric pictures are something I like to work on when we travel, I finished this one up today while we were out and about so here it is along with all the words of the song as remembered by Maurice!   "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie Billy Boy Billy Boy?  Can She Bake a Cherry Pie Charming Billy?  She Can Bake a Cherry Pie Quick as a Cat can Wink It's  Eye,  She's a Young Thing and  Cannot Leave her Mother.   How  Old is She Billy Boy, Billy Boy  How Old is She Charming Billy?  She is 6 X 7, 42 & 11, Shes a Young Thing & Cannot Leave Her Mother!

Monday, August 22, 2011

"MOM'S ART CAR" Wallhanging. .

One of my entries in the H.F.A.A Fall Art Show in Oct. 2011.  I've wanted an Art Car every since I saw an Art Parade in Eureka Springs, Ark. a few years ago! I have my eye on my husband Maurice's "Little Red Rolls" but he's not budging! I created artsy quit blocks, sewed them on to a black background as a border then designed my picture,  cut it out in fabric an appliqued it on to the backgound. using buttons, foil, paper, string, wood, canvas, small flag & wooden cross as accent pieces. Great Fun!  I will hang it on the door in my Art Studio.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


My Painting titled "Cass County's 150th Anniversary" was featured in an article in The Cass County Journal Newspaper  June 30, 2011 & The Democrate Missourian Newspaper July 22, 2011.  The article read: Visitors to the Harrisonville office of Congresswomen Vicky Hartzler will have the opportunity to view a work of art painted by Garden City artist Marlynne Snare.  The painting, honoring Cass County's 150th Anniversary, includes a building or site from each of 23 towns in Cass County-all merged together on canvas. "Marlynne is a very talented artist and a friend", said Hartzler.  "For years I have enjoyed her paintings depicting life in this part of  our state.  I am thrilled that she is willing to share this beautiful work of art with us."  "Marlynne describes the blending together of locations from throughout the county as 'one happy village community,' and that is exactly what it is," added Hartzler.  The paintimg is on display in the Congresswoman's office at 1909 N. Commercial St. in Haarrisonville, Mo.  Visitors are encouraged to stop by the office to view the painting.


"The Old Brown Truck"  I was at a fellow artists painting a picture of his truck when these animals appeared at the fence of an ajoining pasture. Since they were so interested in what I was doing I put them in the painting too!


My first painting to show you is my favorite!  It is a self portrait titled "Mother in Me" framed in polk-a-dots (which I love) The only problem is everytime I try a self portrait it always looks like Mother! So, the name- - -.