Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sister Judy gave me this very old Sock Money to add to my collection. But he is now my very favorite and spends his time setting on my studio table along with this jar of cut off ends from my banners which hang across the Entrance of the Studio
Another Valentine Greeting! This little vignette is in a corner by the T.V. (Makes the flat T.V. look better!.)  The little overhauls and shirt are our Greatgrandson waiting for another visit, the tennis shoes were our Grandsons who is now 12. The precious little red dress & shoes and valentine box were my Birthday present a week ago from Judy.
When I went Mon. night to Art League Meeting at the Library, this old file cabinet was out in the hall with a For Sale $7.00 sign. I just had to have it Moving the heavy thing and getting the space ready for it was no easy job!  I told Maurice that would be my Valentine Gift from him! I can't wait to get it organized! I wanted to paint it Gloss Red but it really doesn't look bad so time will tell! We have it setting right outside the opening of my Studio.
I hadn't done any "Abandonment Art" for awhile and was feeling guilty, so this is what I did. I hear a quote the other day "You can never have to many Birthday Cakes or Smiles" son that spurred this idea of using some of my Christmas Card leftover prints as Valentines with that quote on the back as well as a Valentine Greeting. The written paper shows what I put with whatever art I Abandon. This is a great project, If your interested go to:  You might be interested in my new Folk Art site at www.facebook.comMarlynneSnareFolkArtist  Hope I'm not boring you to death but I do have one more art blog: 

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Jen said...

HI! Marilynne, Love the addition to your corner from your sister. He looks a happy fellow.Love the art card pieces.