Thursday, October 27, 2011

"THE TOWN OF MITFORD" (Copyrighted)

"The Town Of Mitford" is a 22X30" painting I did after listening to Jan Karon's books, "The Mitford Series". I like to listen to audio books while I paint. This series about an Episcopal priest, named Father Tim, and his dog Barnabas, a boy named Dooley and the delightful neighbor  named Cynthia captured my heart! Her description of the fictious town, and the local residents was so enthralling I just had to paint my vision of Mitford.  I have won a couple of ribbbons with this painting and have also reduced it for greeting cards. I sent a 11"X14" copy to Miss Karon for Valentines Day that year and received a nice Thank You from her and her Secretary.

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Mrs. Baggett said...

I love your picture of Mitford! Do you sell these? Thank you