Saturday, May 26, 2012


 Lawrence, Kansas's annual Art Car Parade for All ages!
Cute little lawn cart filled with a flower garden!
 Friend Nick Schmiedlar's clever "Truck Bed" entry.
 This space Ship was spraying out water. It felt good!
 Very Interesting Fan Powered Car!
 "Flower Powered" One of my Favorites!
 So Cute! "Bawk Bawk! Chickens in their cage out for a ride! They acted like they were enjoying it! I bet they had several practice trips!
 A lot going on in this shot! A lot of the kids had decorated these little cardboard cars!
 A great location for eating before the parade and viewing afterwards.
 A big selection to choose from at Sylas & Maddy's after the parade!
 Fellow Art Junker, Nick Schmiedler's Place in Lawrence.
 He has all 50 States.
I Saved the best to last! So Me! Maybe it will be me next year in Maurice's "Little Red Rolls" in my red & white poka-dot dress & red hat with all my art paraphernalia


laurajane said...

I have to say,it all looks great fun.xx

Sebastian Gaydos said...

I couldn't help but chuckle as I saw the cars from the parade. The one with chickens made my day. Hehehe. There are truly a lot of art junkies in your place, Marlynne. I can imagine how fun this car parade was. :D

-Sebastian Gaydos

Nicole said...

These automobiles are outstandingly created. My favorite would be the truck bed and the petite blue car on the fifth photo. Both are adorable, and I personally love to own either one of those for amusement purposes and for my family and I to have fun using it.

Nicole Vickers