Friday, June 8, 2012


  andSuch Fun!  The long awaited celebration of the "First Flush" at the grand opening of the   BOWL PLAZA  in the Folk Art  Town of Lucas, Kansas. Picture here are Maurice & I with Tess the "Bride of the Toilet Bowl" and the creator of the fantastic quilts. The huge, impressive  Michelangelo sculpture was made out of over 200 rolls of toilet paper by Rick Frisbe of Salina, Kansas. 
"Litttle Johnnie Flush" (below) was my entry in the toilet roll contest displayed in The Flying Pig Gallery.

 It was a surprising experience to be interviewed by a reporter from The Russell Kansas Newspaper as well as a reporter from The Nebraska T.V. Station. It would have been fun to see the clips but probably never will!
 The Huge Mosaic Toilet Lid outlines the opening to the Restroom Complex
 The Worlds largest cement roll of Toilet Paper unrolls to make the sidewalk to the Complex.
 Mosaic work in the Mens Restroom

 Mri Pilar; Mosaic Artist & Creator pointed out details in the fascinating Matchbox Car Panel.

 Mri Pilar in the Ladies  Restroom
 My very "favorite" in the Ladies Room. Town people as well as folks all over brought in dishes, buttons, jewelry, trinkets, toys and etc. to be embedded in the walls in the complex. People were taking pictures of their treasures as they found them! So Fun!
 Beautiful Butterfly in Ladies Room and Panel in the Mens Room.

 Glass Wine Bottle Panel lit up by lights is a colorful spot in the entry of the restroom  complex. The large carved man with bucket stands in the corner of the entry.
 This Beauty!! is the work of  Eric Abraham, owner of The Flying Pig Gallery  in Lucas.
 YEAH! WE DID IT! Was the yell of Rosslyn Schultz, Chairman of the Event as well as Exec. Direc. of The Grassroots Art Center.
 Our Innkeepers, Susan and Joe Curtiss at SIMPLE HAVEN BED & BREAKFST in Wilson, Kansas were great Hosts!. We had great food and fellowship and wonderful accomodations for  2 nights while taking in the Celebrations!

 The wild flowers were just beautiful along the porch as you came up the walk. A painting in the making!

 Here we are waiting for the First Flush Winners (see below)to make their way thru our arch of plungers and brushes to do the first flushing of the stools in the new Public Restroom!
 Here are the self proclaimed "King & Queen of the Toilet Paper Rolls"
 Our leis and hat trim I made out of empty toilet paper rolls (painted like mosaics) and toilet paper made into roses (highlighted with paint)
 This was my latest painting to be added to the MARLYNNE SNARE FOLK ARTIST COLLECTION at the Grassroots Art Center there in Lucas, Kansas. It is now on display at the Flying Pig in Lucas. 

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Jen said...

Hi! Marlynne,I love Little Johnie Flush, he looks so happy. Mosiac rest rooms. An amazing complex. What a fun 2 days. Love the leis and painting.