Sunday, August 16, 2015


Isn't this a darling little child's sewing machine? Found it at the thrift store!

I enjoyed a quick visit to the Foxwood Springs Communal Garden.

The residents can grow anything they wish. Some Flowers.

And some vegetables!

With a  neat Thrift Store right up the path!

Got a book I'm really enjoying!

I've been working out in my backyard garden adding mulch.

I sprinkle chards of pottery and shells and special trinkets her and there along the path.

I think broken plates and dishes add interest too!

Always something to look at!

I keep adding more Colus too!

They are blooming their heads off this year!

I'm also adding ground cover to the back shady garden'

This door leads to the garden one way, and the enclosed screened porch.straight ahead.

This door leads out to the driveway or back garden or onto the wood porch which goes into the back door.

A bog pot of Colus on a stump in front of the house.


I have cuttings started all the time from broken off piece due to the hose and other mishaps!

Happy Gardening to you Too!


lynn cockrell said...

Dear Marlynne, I don't get to visit my blogging friends as much as I would have liked and posts to my blog have been few and sometimes far in between. I will have even less time now that my daughter will be going back to teach school tomorrow and I will again be helping out by going over to sit with and attend to my son-in-law, her husband. He is in the last stages of a courageous battle with kidney cancer and is not able to do for himself now and my daughter needs to work.

Since I haven't visited you much lately, I checked out your previous posts all the way back to April and it looks like you've had a very busy summer! It is nice that you have your sister to check out the great thrift and antique shops with you. I miss my sister a lot. I love the little upside down doll. My older daughter still has one that she had when she was a little girl. It is Little Red Riding Hood. When flipped over, it becomes The Big Bad Wolf.

You must really be enjoying your little Eli being so near to you now. He looks like he is having a lot of fun. We love taking our grandchildren to the zoo too and we love visiting the zoo ourselves, as well.

Your garden is looking beautiful and it looks like you have been getting in a lot of painting and crafting over the summer. I love Fall and it is about upon us, though you wouldn't know it from the temperature down here in South Carolina. I'm wishing you a great week ahead!

Sandra Kaye said...

Your garden looks wonderful.... And I would have flipped out had I found that cute little machine!!!! Great find!!! Have a great day!!!