Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Found this old board with one of my favorite words at a neat Antique mall in Springfield, Mo. It's hanging on the back porch by the door.

This little happy scare- a- crow is one of a group I made for a sale one year. He sits on the back porch as a greeter!

Really liked these bike sculptures we saw on our St. Louis Trip last week.

This darling Play House was right across the street from our Motel. Notice the piece of art work tacked on railing?

Side View

I belong to a group called "Art Abandonment" We abandon pieces of creative work for others to enjoy with out being seen and try and take a picture. There is a note on the back about our group an a e-mail address if the finder cares to respond. I did hear back from the man that found this. he was very excited because his daughter was born on Halloween and he had a small art collection started with this theme

Close up of card. I have made several of these for a post card exchange group I belong to as well as for abandoning.

This was suppose to be my first picture on this post- but! oh well! I love red as you know so this little dresser scarf  caught my eye and brings a touch of color here on the wood stove for the summer only of course!


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

The wood stove is so cozy looking with the blue and white enamel ware on top! I LOVE that HOME sign! What a great purchase!
And what a wonderful idea...Art Abandonment! Love it!
Erica :)

Melody said...

Lots of lovely pictures here. What a fabulous way to share art works.