Monday, October 1, 2012


"BEST OF FRIENDS"  is the title of this acrylic painting.  Chopin our blond Lab,  Tasha our Corgi/Terrier  mix and Hamlet our grey striped calico cat make up the threesome. I haven't seen them all together in a chair yet, but it is something they would do if they had the opportunity!

I was attracted to the colorful collection of gum ball machines at the Oak Park Mall in  Overland Park, Kansas and took a picture for a future Folk Art Painting and here it is!

I love working with different patterned fabrics, especially the old fashioned ones. I started designing these little houses, each one different, not really knowing what I would do with them. And then I thought of this theme for my 2nd Art Story Art Quilt "HOME" So I used them for the border. I drew our Child Rearing Home and family members; Maurice & I and our three boys; Paul, Phil & John with pets Panda and Sniggers on paper as a pattern for the fabric pieces then appliqued them on to the background. I sewed with yarn  a modified version of the quote from Oliver Wendall Holmes : HOME where our feet may leave but not our hearts. I wrote a short story of our home and happenings on cloth and sewed it to the back. I will hang this quilt on the door opposite my studio door where my first art story quilt is hanging. After I make a few more story quilts I will offer to present a program now and then to share them.


Melody said...

You are just so talented.

laurajane said...

Love all your" shows" again today .You are a multi talented girl.
Keep up the great works and keep showing them ( cos they give me good idea's) xx

Dorothy said...

Hi there, I came here from Erica's. What a nice blog you have! I just love your story quilts, they are so pretty!