Saturday, September 3, 2011


This book is "So Beautiful" I feel inspired just looking at it!  Then the inside  fills me with lots of "Warm Fuzzys". I started with a blank bound Sketch Book I got at Borders.  (I'm so sad they just recently closed!) Then went thru my "stash" of material and found a piece of this velvet patchwork skirt, I had left over from a throw  made for "The Cottage" (that's another series of posts someday!) I wrapped it around the book like a cover we use to make for our school books to protect them. Hand sewed it, then proceeded to embellish! The picture was from my collection of lady pictures in our master bedroom.  (This one is actually a postcard!) Then again the trusty old lace, buttons, ribbon, cord and pieces of gold heavy paper that I typed  the  words: "Memories", "Words",Thoughts" and "Inspiration". The Inside is described in a following post.  I Hope This Book will inspire you to start one of your own!

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