Sunday, September 4, 2011


The blank pages of a book you plan to use for your Art Book, can be overwhelming.  So this was the way I chose to start.  I selected 8 background colors to use repeatedly through out the book. Mine were turquoise, tan, yellow, pink, purple, green, terra cotta and blue. The paint was watered down acrylic.  Simply paint the page loosely leaving an uneven edge of the plain paper. I decided a front & back of the page in the same color continuing thru all 8 colors, then starting over again.  This gives a continuity to the book.  The colors also  inspire a theme for the page, which gets me started.  Then it's just a mattter of typing up quotes, cutting them out and randomly glueing them on to the page leaving room for a picture or two (painted by you or cut out of magazine)  and some embellishment like: lace, ribbon, silk flowers, etc. ( remember flat things are best, as the book will be pretty thick by the time you finish!) HAVE AT IT!

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