Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"COSY CORNER PICTURE # 1 (Copyrighted)

"THE GREATROOM"  As you can see, we love the country rustic look! I sat in the opening between the dining room an this room and painted this picture.  The fireplace is the backdrop for many family and group pictures. I looked for a long time to find just the right rug for this room.  I thought I might braid one myself, but about as big a rug as I would get was 5'X7'. I carried the framed painting over the mantel home on the bus in my younger married days!  I decided I wanted to turn the print into an oil painting years ago, so i just painted over in oils! It worked!  My husband built our home with his own hands, even the windows, doors, wiring and plumbing. He is not a professional builder,  just an ordinary guy who thought he could do it , and he did! Didn't have to have all the many inspections that they have now days!

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