Thursday, September 8, 2011


I always get my handwork project figured out and handwork bag ready even before I get my suitcase packed for a trip! This project was the one I selected to do while Maurice was having his second series of Chemo Therapy. I first took a piece of lightweight paper and drew my design getting it the way I wanted. (If you don't want to draw a design can trace one from a childrens story or coloring book). Then took a piece of graphite paper, put under the paper and on the piece of old white tea towel and traced the design on to the towel. I chose to use only red embroidery thread this time to embroider the pictures.  After the little pictures were finished  I put them on a little piece of cardboard (put a second piece of the white cloth underneath your handworked piece so the cardboard color does not show thru.)  and pulled the edges around to the back and either glued onto the cardboared or did tacking with needle & thread. Then I took a piece of red & white checked material to cover the larger cardboard piece in the picture frame and pulled the edges around back attaching like I did the little cardboard .  Determine the center of your checked material and glue your little design on. place it the frame and your ready to hang your art work!

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