Saturday, March 22, 2014


I was given this old Penny Rug as a gift my my neighbors sister who lived in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I've many thinking about turning it into a painting for a couple of years!
So here was my start. At first I was going to make it the same colors and design as the old one. Then on a closer look I noticed there were a few fabrics with a design. I liked the idea of adding more design. So made the background  a burlap look. Then while progressing on the painting a friend posted a different look  by Karla Garard called Floral Abstract . I thought it was made out of felt pieces and was thrilled with the introduction of more design  .
Our son's companion Tracee makes beautiful jewelry pieces and I really enjoy wearing this leaf one so I included it as vine through out.
Here is my finished "Colorful Penny Quilt" Painting. Our paintings take many twists and turns sometimes before we get through with them. I've heard it is the same with writers and their books.
Speaking of writers and their books. I just finished this very different read for me by Joanne Harris  It was suggested to me by Marilyn one of my blog friends. Really enjoyed it! I ordered it from Amazon Used Books.
Well Spring has finally arrived! at least on the calender!I had been checking my crocus's everyday for a week or so and there they were on the first day of spring to greet me! One of God's many blessings! HAPPY SPRING!

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