Thursday, March 5, 2020


Just finished Susan Branch's book below and one of her comments struck a chord with me!  "Twinkle lights look good everywhere, year round. Sleep Under The Stars! 
I just loved her handwritten book!!!  So I  got on Amazon and ordered  her fist two books in this series: "The Fairy Tale Girl" and "Martha's Vineyard Isle of Dreams"

Our 65th Engagement Anniversary picture  taken at Church

Been wanted to cut out and paint these Three Little Kittens for some time, so just stopped and did it!! Each one has their own personality!

This is where they ended up!

We were invited to our neighbors 75th Surprise Birthday Party so wanted to take something!

I should have extended the roof  line in the painting  on both sides, But I didn't!

One of my Facebook friends displayed this book and I thought I need to read that! So went to Amazon again! I start it tonight!

I received a delightful surprise gift and letter from a longtime Blog and Facebook friend Susan Gannon. This made me So Happy!

The darling little girl cross-stitched pillow in my favorite colors is being displaying on my Spring  Pool Table Display. The Miss Read Books are favorites of ours! So was so delighted to get this one! I will start reading it very soon!

We went to Longhorn Steak House for our 65th Engagement Lunch! Yum Yum!

I love Blue & White in the Kitchen! Maurice got me this Canister Set years ago for Christmas.

Enjoyed having my Sorority Sisters at our home for potluck and special program on Hydrocephalus by special friend Robin Xanders Holloway.

We have a neat Western Wear Store in Harrisonville "Family Center". They have a large selection of boots, worthy of a picture I thought!

Isn't that Turquoise one neat?

And Chartreuse!

Aren't these the cutest?

Husband Maurice gave me a Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Flag for my Birthday. It looks so pretty flying out there!  Hopefully I'll get a championship Royals Baseball one this summer too! Hope you are enjoying your days too!


marilyn said...

So glad you’re blogging again. I so enjoy reading your posts. Hope you and yours are well and happy. Sending warmest best wishes from Rhode Island!

Marlynne said...

Thank You Marilyn! I never know whether people see my blog or not, so it's extra good to hear from you. I put a lot on Facebook too, so welcome you there: Marlynne Snare Facebook. (P.S, My name is pronounced Marilyn like yours. Mother wanted her middle name in it too so the spelling ended up odd!

Bohemian said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, I'm catching up on Blog Archive Posts now that I have all this 'free time' on my hands! *winks* I liked those Turquoise Boots too, I could envision Glamping in them. *smiles*