Sunday, March 22, 2020


Spending more time at home, I'm changing things a little bit here and there.  I added a few more lids. And Maurice took out the wall a/c unit that we haven't used for years and I added a picture.

Spring touches on table and chandelier. Tasha got in the picture too!.

Something happened to my chip and I can't turn the pictures now! I guess you will have to turn your computer or phone. Sorry! The new Normal is more reading by the stove.

More Painting!

And More Computer Time!

I did have a project this week. To clean the accumulation of "must keep" things off the enclosed porch. As you can see, most were not "must keep" any more!

I cleaned as I went along so now we are ready for "porch sitting" too!

I not only have a "Blue Bottle Garden" but porch too! As you can tell it was a rainy day!

Sorry!  Normally I have pansy's planted in all the containers by now. But the quarantine has changed a lot of things!

My precious "Mom's Cottage" up the drive from the house sits so lonely! Makes me sad! The floor is giving out so I can't go in, and the garden has poison ivy which I am terrible allergic to so I can't even weed it! But I walk up and enjoy the spring flowers and give it love talk about daily.

Spring on the Seasonal Kitchen Shelf

On the kitchen table

And a little Love Gift!

We were able to go to The Dinner Theater before the Quarantine.

So glad sister Judy is able to go with us too! Praying for all my family and friends during these scary times. But I know who is in control Right! God Bless Us all!


Rebecca said...

I feel so at home in your "virtual house" as I guess it would be called these days... Any place with a dog named Tasha must be a solid, welcoming place.

Your wall of lids is so unique. I like it!

And I've been talking about our back, enclosed porch project for DAYS now. You've given me the motivation I was lacking.😊

I can't say enough how much I enjoy your spring paintings... You light up my life, Marlynne.❤️

Marlynne said...

Oh Thank You Sweet @ Rebecca Zimmerman Gates You inspire me too with your beautiful photos and thought provoking words and quotes! If you haven't ready the 3 Susan Branch books about her life I think you would really enjoy them! I got on Amazon! Shge loves to use lots of quotes too!

Bohemian said...

Yes, I see that you have been Creating your Cheerful Art and being busy as a Bee! Sweet Tasha Photo Bombing you brought me a Smile, I have to ask, was she named after Tasha Tudor? Your Porch with the Blue Bottles looks so Restful to spend time in... and that View, even on a Rainy Day! I'm Loving that at new Forever Boheme' we have access to a more Natural Environment than Subdivision Hell provided, I might have gone completely Mad there if I couldn't have escaped now and again! *LOL Here, the Mini Farms Streets have no Sidewalks but are always Wonderfully Rural looking in the Heart of the City and great for Walks. So I can still get in some exercise while Sheltering In Place and see all the Farm Animals and Lush Landscape along the way, which is rare in a Desert State.