Friday, January 20, 2017


Enjoying this book ( my Facebook friend Marilyn Lee suggested)  every bit as much this second time as I did 3 years ago! Thanks again Marilyn!

I stopped by John Knox Thrift Store on the way home from Sister Judy's the other day. I absolutely couldn't pass up this old vintage laundry basket and liner that reminded me of my childhood. Only $5.00 too!

I found this beautiful curtain panel made out of Cranston Print Works fabric for just $.98!  I'm going to rip out the big hem and header and use it as a tablecloth! Whoopee!

This canister with air tight lid matches out kitchen dishes! It was at John Knox too for just $2,99!

Judy and are are looking for just plain old cardboard heart candy boxes to redo vintage style. So far this one is all I've found and it's more elaborate than I want , but we can cover it! In fact will probably do some in reds, check, polka dot  style too!

This was the funniest thing! Judy found a bag of 2 small heart boxes of playing cards and we thought we'd use the boxes, and probably not the cards. Well looking at the cards I thought they would look neat made into heart Garlands. Then discovered the 2 Handmade Joker Hearts in each box. Each box was different. A real Joke right!  Fun-ny!  I loved it!!

The last of their Christmas items at Major Thrift were on sale  4/$1.00. The 2 iced  large candle rings will look beautiful inside by Hurricane Globes next year!

Judy said,  "Little Lizzy" looked just like she had to come home with me! So the ribbon be dazzled little one ended up in my cart too!

She's sharing the chair right now with 2 Aunt Jeremiah Dolls!

Sister Judy showed me the contents of her stack of boxes!


She has a fascinating collection of necklaces display here too!

Two of our Sorority Sisters looked so cute at meeting the other day I had to snap their picture!  Hope your putting some fun in your life too!!

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