Monday, January 16, 2017


Violets are my February Flower so I enjoy painting them. Mother raised them and I remember all the north windows full of them!

One of my favorite things Mother gave me!

Sister Judy has added to my Avon Victorian Ladies Thimble Collection. I now have 5.

I love old portrait pictures and millinery flowers.

Sweet little gift and card years ago from special friend and neighbor.

A Yummy Gift from Pastors Wife we are enjoying right now! There is nothing better in this whole wide world than warm Homemade Bread!

Finally finished my Penny Coin Floral Folk Art Painting. It was inspired by the old table runner given to me by a friend years ago.

Ran into our friends and former Pastor and Wife at Cracker Barrel the other day. Enjoyed reminiscing!

I decided my "Child Rearing Home-121 W. 61Terr. K.C., Mo." painting would look better with an old  look- red chalk painted frame too!

So here they are hanging in the Dining Room.

I just love the new Walmart line of  "Pioneer Woman" pottery, pans linens and etc, in reds and turquoise!  Decided I would have to have a few things!

This is the label..

My friend Mary Lou Weidman had a red heart hanging in one of her pictures so I had to make me one too!

Here's where I hung it. Hope you are enjoying your days too!

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Jen said...

Hi Marlynne, Loved getting back on here seeing what you have done, The dining room hangings look beautiful on the wall, also love the violets and your red heart fits in nicely with that grouping of treasures.