Monday, January 9, 2017


Made the Fabric Heart Garlands while staying up  in the city with my sister  who is going thru Chemo.

My patient and faithful husband has got the "batching" down pretty good now!
Finally getting back to my painting again!

Decided to do a Folk Art Floral for our Dining Room inspired by my Old Penny Coin Table Runner.

Sure enjoying my after Christmas bargain polka dot container for my brushes

 Been making a fridge banner for each season so this is the newest one.

This picture was taken before I got the Fabric Heart Garland finished!

Made them for the two kitchen doorways too!

A collection of my homemade Valentines through the years to Maurice

This old Valentine makes me think of our old childhood dog named Sonny Boy!

A touch of Valentine here too!

I also dress one of my Raggedys for each season and set it on the kitchen table.

This year decided to do our Kitchen Window Shelf  with my Mini Sock Monkeys. Hope you are enjoying the season too!

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donna said...

So much cuteness. Love seeing all your decorations. Happy you are back to your painting you look so relaxed.