Saturday, May 28, 2016


My Beta Sigma Phi Chapter celebrated at our home the final meeting of the year with a Kite Flying Secret Sister Party. As you can see most of us have been drawing our social security for many years bur we still like to have fun! 

We had had rain for several days but it cleared that day just for us!

Sue brought the largest and most colorful kite!

But Esther our almost 90 year young member had the most success! We just didn't have enough wind!

There was a lot of talking to them but didn't do any good!

Some could still run! But that didn't help much either!

Even got the chargers out for a fancy table!

And made kites!.

Thought I'd show you what books I'm reading right now. Lovin Susan Branch's book 2nd in a series of 3.

And the newest issue of my favorite magazine..

Miss Read finally retires from teaching school in this book!

Next project is painting some birdhouses sister Judy got for me at the thrift store. Hope your enjoying your days too!  Might also like to view my second

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Rebecca said...

Wish I lived closer! I love your kind of fun!