Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Well here's the finished birdhouses from last blog. I keep changing my mind where I'm going to put them! But for now they are here on the back porch!

We are enjoying the new look of little twinkle lights instead of ceiling lights on the back porch. Maurice says they are idyllic!

 Ever time we end of wearing similar colors of clothing I have someone take our picture!  Last Sunday the color was Yellow! 
Tasha loves to get on the swing with us. She crowds right in the middle and looks so contented!

Judy saw this at Starlight and said it was good so I ordered it from Amazon used books and enjoyed it that way!

My friend Karen are I are still taking turns ordering The Block Magazine from Mo. Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, Mo.  and sharing it. It is an excellent magazine!

I've started another Quote Book. I  tend to write them down here there and ever where! So I'm trying to get them organized  into Quote Books!.

I'm also trying to print Susan Branch style!

I start and end my day with this book: The Bible. I write my prayers in my journal which keeps my mind from wandering! Got this idea from our pastor J.P.Williams.  Have a great day!

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